Scholarships for women can be controversial. With laws against gender discrimination, many women’s scholarship funds get bogged down in red tape. However, there are still plenty of scholarship opportunities just for female students. Some of these scholarships are available only to students pursuing specific subjects, single parents, or adult students. Women’s scholarships are designed to increase educational opportunities for women and increase their presence in certain industries, like technology, engineering, or science.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for women’s scholarships can vary based on the funding organization’s goal. Scholarships associated with professional organizations often require the applicant to pursue a specific subject, such as business or computer science. Other scholarships target adult students with financial needs, and require applicants to meet specific income and age thresholds. Other eligibility requirements may include:

  • Must be female
  • Are a legal U.S. resident
  • Meet specific GPA, SAT, GRE, or other merit requirements
  • Enrolled in an accredited program
  • Planning to study a specific subject or field
  • Must be over a certain age
  • Pursuing a first degree
  • Meet specific income for financial need requirements

Requirements for women’s scholarships can be quite varied and the above list is not all-inclusive. Although establishing scholarships for women can be challenging, there are still plenty of women’s scholarships for many different types of students. The list below is a small selection of scholarships that demonstrates the different types of scholarships available only to women:

Types of Women’s Scholarships

  • The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarhsip: The Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship at Google supports women in technology by awarding scholarships based on merit to women pursuing degrees in technology-related fields.
  • SWE Scholarships: The Society of Women Engineers supports a number of scholarship programs for women pursuing engineering degrees at all levels of study.
  • Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is only for women over 35 years old from low-income households who are pursuing a first undergraduate or vocational degree.
  • Jane M. Klausman Women In Business Scholarship: This scholarship hosted by Zonta International awards domestic and international scholarships ranging from $1000 to $7000 to women pursuing a business or business-related degree.
  • The M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics The M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics has been established to enable women to return to physics research careers after having had to interrupt those careers for family reasons. The scholarship consists of an award of up to $45,000. Allowed expenses include dependent care, salary, travel, equipment, tuition and fees.
  • AAUW Reading Branch Graduate Scholarship The American Association of University Women–Reading Branch has established a
    Graduate Scholarship Fund to annually award scholarships of up to $2000 to Berks County women who are pursuing full or part-time graduate study.
  • The Marilynn Smith Scholarship The Marilynn Smith Scholarship will be awarded to ten high school seniors who will be playing golf at the collegiate level. Ten $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to the most highly qualified candidates.
  • VIP Women In Technology ScholarshipThe VIP Women In Technology Scholarship offers support for women who are attending or planning to attend a two- or four-year college within the United States for the upcoming school year. VIP awards multiple scholarships of up to $2,500 per recipient.