PhD scholarships are more difficult to come by than undergraduate or graduate scholarship opportunities. However, there are a few scholarships available to students pursuing doctoral study pay for college. Many PhD scholarships are offered by professional organizations or employers hoping to motivate potential job candidates to pursue doctoral study. As a result, many doctoral scholarships focus on a subject or line of work, such as Nursing or Physical Therapy.

Eligibility Requirements

Like all scholarships, eligibility requirements for PhD scholarships are different for each program. Because PhD scholarships attract individuals with strong academic records, scholarships for this level of study tend to focus on subject, industry, heritage, and employment rather than academic merit or financial need. Corporations, government agencies, and professional organizations are the most likely sources for doctoral scholarships. Some doctoral scholarships come with employment commitments along with other eligibility factors:

  • Be eligible for doctoral study
  • Meet specific undergraduate GPA or other academic requirements
  • Are pursuing a field of study related to the scholarship
  • Considering employment with the scholarship’s provider
  • Are an alumnus of the relevant college or university
  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Agree to work for the scholarship provider for a specific period of time

The above list includes examples of potential eligibility requirements and some scholarships will have highly-specific and unique specifications. You should review eligibility requirements carefully before applying for and accepting any doctoral scholarship. Below are just a few examples of PHD scholarships:

Types of PhD Scholarships

  • ACS Cancer Nursing Scholarship: Good for two years and renewable for two more, this $15,000 scholarship from the American Cancer Society goes to doctoral students conducting cancer nursing research.
  • CaGIS Doctoral Scholarship Award: Courtesy of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society, this $1,500 award goes to students with demonstrated skill in the use of GIS or cartography and shows promise for a career in the field.
  • CDR Doctoral Scholarships: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics administers these $10,000 scholarships for registered dietitians enrolled in a doctoral dietetics program.
  • EAA Doctoral Scholarship: The Educational Audiology Association awards at least one scholarship of at least $500 per year to a practicing educational audiologist pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • Florence P. Kendall Doctoral Scholarship: This doctoral scholarship from the Foundation for Physical Therapy awards $5,000 scholarships to outstanding students pursuing post-professional degrees in physical therapy.
  • Kappa Delti Pi Doctoral Scholarships: Kappa Delta Pi offers several doctoral scholarships in various amounts from $875-4000 for candidates pursuing PhDs in different educational discipline. Some scholarships are available only to those attending specific institutions.
  • KPGM Foundation Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarships: In 20143-2015, 12 minority accounting doctoral students received $10,000 scholarships that are eligible for annual renewal.
  • NDSEG Fellowships: Two hundred new National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowships were planned for 2013 for students pursuing doctoral degrees in civil engineering, biosciences, oceanography, or other subjects relevant to Department of Defense interests.
  • NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Scholarship: National League for Nursing members may apply for one of these scholarships that reach from $3,000-$6,000 and are designed to help master’s and doctoral students become nurse educators.
  • ONS Foundation Doctoral Scholarships: The Oncology Nursing Society Foundation awards scholarships of $3000-5000 annually to registered nurses pursuing research or clinical doctoral degrees in oncology nursing.
  • SMART Scholarship: The SMART Scholarship awards tuition to STEM students at all levels of study, including PhD students, in exchange for commitments to work for the Department of Defense (DoD) on a year-per-year basis for each year of scholarship received.
  • The New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarships: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation awards $10,000 to doctoral candidates with promising academic records who are committed to pursuing academic careers in communication sciences fields.
  • University of Louisville Special Education Doctoral Scholarships: Thanks to a grant from the Department of Education, the school can offer scholarships for full tuition, $1,500 stipend, and conference travel funds for students in special education.