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College Navigator did not have acceptance rate figures for all of the colleges on our list. We did not, however, want to penalize those colleges without data.

  1. eFinancial Careers
    Financial Job Bank
    MAA Math Classifieds
    Amerian Academy of Financial Management
    National Association for Business Economics

Professional Organizations

  1. Association for Financial Professionals

    Association for Financial Professionals

    Members of the AFP benefit from access to many different resources including research, reports, career services, discussion boards, and networking events. The organization also provides certification and continuing education.

  2. Mathematical Association of America

    Mathematical Association of America

    The MAA is a professional organization that promotes discussion among fellow math colleagues, and is especially focused on providing college instructors with learning and teaching resources. In addition to faculty members and other math professionals, the organization …

  3. National Association for Business Economics

    National Association for Business Economics

    NABE is a professional association for business economists and others who apply economic theories to their jobs. The organization provides offers conferences, career development, and research data to its members.

  4. American Economic Association

    American Economic Association

    The goal of the AEA is to encourage economic research, especially the historical and statistical study of the conditions of industrial life. Economists from all professions are welcomed and represented in the group.

  5. Society of Actuaries

    Society of Actuaries

    The Society of Actuaries provides all levels of education for actuarial sciences, conducts research, and promotes high standards of professionalism within the field.

  6. The American Statistical Association

    The American Statistical Association

    The world's largest community of statisticians, the ASA supports its members through meetings, publications, education, accreditation, and advocacy. Statisticians of all sectors are welcomed and represented in this community.

  7. The American Academy of Actuaries

    The American Academy of Actuaries

    This professional association has a dual mission to serve the public and professional actuaries in the U.S. The Academy assists public policymakers in assessing risk, and it also advocates on behalf of the actuary profession.


Calendar of Events

  1. conference

    2014 NCSM Annual Conference

    April 7-9: Join us for three exciting days when we focus on important issues for leaders in mathematics education.

  2. other

    Does God Play Dice? Randomness & Divine Providence

    July 31-Aug 3: Science-philosophy-theology conundrums are the inspiration for the JIS 2014 Symposium, recalling Albert Einstein’s famous musing that “God does not play …

Social Networks

  1. Mathematics

  2. Mathematics Research

  3. History of Mathematics

  4. Mathematics Education K-12

  5. Mathematics Competitions

  6. Association for Financial Professionals

    The AFP group brings together professionals in the finance industry to discuss the latest challenges and trends. Students and those studying for the CTP are welcome to pose questions.

  7. Friends of Mathematical Association of America

    The MAA is a group for teachers, students, and math lovers. The society focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level.

  8. National Association for Business Economics

    Join this group to discuss economic topics and solve some fun math problems.

  9. Statistics & Analytics Consultants Group

    A group designed to introduce statisticians to others in the field as well as possible clients.

Get Experience

  1. American Mathematical Society

    American Mathematical Society

    The AMS lists internship opportunities for undergraduates at numerous leading companies, such as America Online, Boeing, IBM, and Fidelity Investments.

  2. Capital University Mathematics Internships

    Capital University Mathematics Internships

    Capital University provides a list of internship opportunities that have been held by other students of the institution. The list is a good starting point for people looking for mathematics internships at large companies.

  3. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Internships

    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Internships

    SIAM provides a list of corporations and institutions that hire applied mathematicians for full-time positions and internships.

  4. NASA Internships

    NASA Internships

    NASA hires interns from a variety of educational backgrounds.

  5. MathNerds Volunteer Opportunity

    MathNerds Volunteer Opportunity

  6. MathCounts


Licensure Information

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in education or a subject, such as mathematics.

    This is for high school teachers who work at public schools. Licensure may not be required for private school teachers or for other mathematics occupations.

  2. Complete a teacher training program, which is typically part of an undergraduate curriculum.

  3. Pass a state teaching certification examination.

  4. Complete annual continuing education requirements to maintain license.