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  1. ACEC Job Board
    NSPE Job Board
    IEEE Job Site

Professional Organizations


  1. Energy Global

    Energy Global

    This news source produces the Hydrocarbon Engineering, LNG Industry, Oilfield Technology, World Coal, and World Pipelines magazines.

  2. Control Engineering Magazine

    Control Engineering Magazine

    Control Engineering offers readers industry news, blogs, newsletters, and it publishes Control Engineering Magazine.

  3. Power Engineering International

    Power Engineering International

    Power Engineering International is the leading magazine for global electric power generation and the transmission industry.

  4. Environmental Design + Construction Magazine

    Environmental Design + Construction Magazine

    EDC Magazine offers industry news and education for designing, constructing, remodeling, and maintaining sustainable environments.

  5. Chemical Engineering Magazine

    Chemical Engineering Magazine

    This magazine, published monthly, is for chemical engineers and those who work in the chemical process industry.

Calendar of Events

  1. conference

    SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2014

    March 9-13: A multidisciplinary conference devoted to: energy harvesting, non-destructive evaluation (NDE), damage detection, and more.

  2. conference

    The International Conference on Systems Engineering, Management, and Innovation 

    March 26-27: ICSEMI' 2014 is an international conference designed to share knowledge and research results Computer Science, Electronics, Systems Engineering, and more.

  3. conference

    2014 International Conference on Information Systems Engineering

    May 9-10: One of the leading international conferences, come learn more about novel and fundamental advances in the field of Information Systems Engineering.

  4. conference

    2nd Space Habitation Conference

    June 20-21: Discuss and learn about what it would, could, should take to live in space.

Social Networks

  1. Engineering Jobs Worldwide

    This group is for all types of engineers, including mechanical or electronic, to connect with each other and share job postings from around the world.

  2. Engineering Career Opportunities

    This group, which has more than 93,000 members, connects employers with job seekers.

  3. Civil Engineering Professional Network & Opportunity

    More than 26,000 members are part of this civil engineering community, which helps professionals find advice and career opportunities.

  4. Civil/Structural Engineering Network

    This 31,000-member strong group is for civil or structural engineers who want to connect with other professionals in the industry.

  5. Industrial Engineering Network

    Industrial engineers can join this group to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and connect with other professionals in the field.

  6. Electrical Engineering

    The electrical engineering group provides a space for engineers to share experiences and discuss the profession with other professionals from around the world.

  7. Systems Engineering

    More than 10,000 systems engineers are members of this group, which allows them to network and expand their base of knowledge.

  8. Mechanical Design Engineering

    The mechanical design engineering group is a networking resource for students, recruiters, and professionals.

  9. Interesting Engineering

    This is the official Google+ fan page of

  10. Chemical Engineering

    This page is for anyone who is interested in chemical engineering.

  11. Autodesk

    This is the Google+ page for Autodesk, the makers of a 3D design and engineering software.

  12. EEP - Electrical Engineering Portal

    This page is for electrical engineers, students, and people interested in the profession.

  13. Stanford Engineering

    This is the page for Stanford University's engineering program.

  14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    MIT's Google+ page has more than 216,000 people in its circle.

  15. Engineering News-Record

    This is the official page for the Engineering News-Record, a publication that provides news, analysis, and commentary on the construction industry.

Get Experience

  1. Valero Engineering Internship

    Valero Engineering Internship

    Valero is searching for engineering interns. They must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be currently enrolled at a four-year accredited university to be considered.

  2. Chevron Engineering Internship

    Chevron Engineering Internship

    Chevron hires college students who are enrolled in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and petroleum engineering programs. Interns may work in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other locations across the country.

  3. Toshiba


    Toshiba's Houston office is seeking summer electrical engineering interns. This opportunity gives students the chance to work with professional engineers to see how they work together to accomplish objectives.

  4. HP Software Engineering Internship

    HP Software Engineering Internship

    Software engineering students should consider HP's summer internship opportunity, which provides the chance to work in project teams with supporting engineers to develop new products or solutions.

  5. HOK Mechanical Engineering Internship

    HOK Mechanical Engineering Internship

    HOK is looking for a mechanical engineering student for a summer internship opportunity. Interns perform elementary engineering assignments, develops and reviews drawings, and works with a project team to complete projects.

  6. Engineers Without Borders USA

    Engineers Without Borders USA

  7. EngineerAid


  8. USAID


  9. United Nations Volunteers

    United Nations Volunteers

  10. Engineering for Africa

    Engineering for Africa

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