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College Costs

In Wyoming, the cost of attending a public college or university has increased by 27% in just five years, according to a 2012 report from the College Board. These increases come as a result of inflation, and in the case of Wyoming and seven other states, particularly deep cuts to higher education support from the state, cuts that have continued through the recent recession. The College Board report noted that in 2012, the state of Wyoming allocated $12.63 to higher education per $1,000 in personal income.

College Enrollment

The College Board’s 2012 report on Trends in Tuition, Fees, Enrollment and State Appropriations for Higher Education by State noted that enrollment in Wyoming’s 4-year public institutions increased by 26.4% between 2000 and 2012, while enrollment in community colleges increased 37.8%. This may be due in part to the partnership between high schools and colleges around Wyoming, which offer dual or concurrent enrollment to high school students, allowing them to attend high school and college at the same time, earning credit while completing their diploma. A report by the National Governor’s Association on the Complete to Compete program showed that in 2009, approximately 15% of Wyoming high schoolers took at least one AP course. The report says students who took advantage of programs that boost their options for college were more likely to attend college after high school.

Higher Education Initiatives

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  2. College Savings

    Wyoming does not have a 529 college savings plan. Listed below are grant and scholarship options that exist.

    • Wyoming College Access Grant: This is a need-based grant program designed for first-time college students. The grant is administered by the University of Wyoming’s Office of Student Educational Opportunity.
    • Hathaway Scholarship: This is another need-based program that offers between $840 and $1,680 per semester for students who qualify. This scholarship is available for eight full-time semesters.
    • Douvas Scholarship: The Douvas Scholarship is given in memory of Peter Douvas, a Greek immigrant who left money to the Wyoming Department of Education upon his death. This $500 scholarship is given to a first-generation American youth who shows need and motivation to attend college.
  3. Education Nonprofits

    • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education: Wyoming joined WICHE in 1953. The consortium has helped Wyoming students attend colleges and universities across the country at reduced rates thanks to the WICHE Exchange Program.
    • ServeWyoming: ServeWyoming collaborates with local government entities and organizations to improve individuals’ service to their community. Their programs include Learn and Serve America and disability and inclusion programs that help those who are disabled to further their education and develop skills.
  4. Higher Education News

    • Inside Higher Ed: This limited search brings up Wyoming-related articles and blog posts from Inside HIgher Ed, a publication that looks at higher education across the country.
    • EdWeek: This limited search brings up Wyoming-related articles and blog posts from EdWeek, a publication that looks at higher education across the country.

Higher Education in Wyoming

Wyoming Schools vs US State Average

Graduation Rate and Average Test score at Public 4-year Institutions

    • 53% Wyoming
      Graduation Rate
    • 20.3 ACT Wyoming
      Average Test Score
    • 56% National
      Graduation Rate
    • 21.1 ACT National
      Average Test Score

Average Tuitions and Fees in Wyoming

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    Public 2-Year
  • WY US
    Public 4-Year
  • WY US
    Private 4-year

Wyoming Institutions

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    Degree-Granting Institutions
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