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College Costs

Vermont is at the bottom of all fifty states when it comes to funding for public higher education, translating to the most tuition-dependent public colleges in the country. These were the findings of two separate studies of state support for secondary education. Over the last twenty years state supported aid has not kept pace with tuition growth, with the funding burden falling primarily to the colleges. Costs have risen as the institutions have used about half of their public aid to pay for financial aid for in-state students, who make up a third of their student body.

College Enrollment

Enrollment in Vermont colleges, after hitting a record high in the fall of 2010, has fallen for the third year. This is in line with national rates of enrollment, which have also fallen over the last three years, and is consistent with the economic theory that fewer students attend college as the economy improves and more jobs become available.

Higher Education Initiatives

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  3. Education Nonprofits

    • The Vermont Student Assistance Corpt (VSAC): Dedicated to helping Vermonters achieve their college degrees, VSAC provides assistance in exploring career possibilities, locating a degree program, preparing for entrance exams, gaining financial aid and paying student loans.They also address the needs of adult learners and low income young people, to enable them to receive college or career training.
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Higher Education in Vermont

Vermont Schools vs US State Average

Graduation Rate and Average Test score at Public 4-year Institutions

    • 65% Vermont
      Graduation Rate
    • 1538 SAT Vermont
      Average Test Score
    • 56% National
      Graduation Rate
    • 21.1 ACT National
      Average Test Score

Average Tuitions and Fees in Vermont

  • VT US
    Public 2-Year
  • VT US
    Public 4-Year
  • VT US
    Private 4-year

Vermont Institutions

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    Degree-Granting Institutions
  • VT US
  • VT US
    Private Not-For-Profit Institutions
  • VT US
    Private For-Profit Institutions