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College Costs

Tuition at Oklahoma's state college and universities has risen more slowly than many other state schools in recent years. While the average in-state tuition for a 4-year public school rose 25.1% between 2008 and 2011, it only rose 7.4% in Oklahoma. On the other hand, students attending Oklahoma's private institutions have suffered from quickly rising costs, with tuition at the state's 4-year schools increasing by 20.4% between 2008 and 2011. Nationally, private school costs rose 13.2% over that time period. In the last couple years, the Oklahoma Board of Regents approved fee increases for the state's public schools, which may drive those costs up more quickly than previously noted.

College Enrollment

Oklahoma's enrollment in postsecondary education has stayed relatively on par with national numbers, though enrollment in 2-year public universities spiked between 2009 and 2010. While enrollment numbers nationally increased by 1.6%, in Oklahoma they increased by 5.9%. In the last few years, public 4-year schools have actually increased their numbers, contrary to the trend at many schools across the United States. Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma both had a record-breaking number of freshmen in 2012. University officials attributed the growth in part to alumni donations, which helped to fund the schools' programs and facilities, making the schools especially attractive to students.

Higher Education Initiatives

  1. Official State Links

  2. College Savings

    • Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan: The state's 529 plan allows students and families to start putting away money early in order to pay for college or university down the road. With allocation schemes ranging from conservative to aggressive, the plan can be personalized to each student's needs. Enrollees can save money without paying federal or Oklahoma state income taxes.
  3. Education Nonprofits

    • Oklahoma's Promise: This organization, run by the State Regents for Higher Education, strives to give low income students a means of attending college or university. It requires 8th, 9th, or 10th grade students to apply, take certain high school courses to prepare for college, and meet certain income requirements. If students qualify, they'll receive fully-paid tuition for postsecondary education.
    • Oklahoma Association on Higher Education and Disability: This nonprofit makes it a goal to further the opportunity students with disabilities have to access and attend higher education institutions. OK-AHEAD uses scholarships, educational sessions, and various advocacy activities to fulfil that mission.
    • Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence: This nonprofit is built on the idea that improving public education in the state, both K-12 and postsecondary, requires a partnership between businesses and schools. The organization uses private investment to support education initiatives and help high school students prepare to attend a college or university.
  4. Higher Education News

Higher Education in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Schools vs US State Average

Graduation Rate and Average Test score at Public 4-year Institutions

    • 47% Oklahoma
      Graduation Rate
    • 20.7 ACT Oklahoma
      Average Test Score
    • 56% National
      Graduation Rate
    • 21.1 ACT National
      Average Test Score

Average Tuitions and Fees in Oklahoma

  • OK US
    Public 2-Year
  • OK US
    Public 4-Year
  • OK US
    Private 4-year

Oklahoma Institutions

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    Degree-Granting Institutions
  • OK US
  • OK US
    Private Not-For-Profit Institutions
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    Private For-Profit Institutions