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College Costs

Compared to the rest of the country, tuition at Montana's public colleges and universities is slowly rising. While the cost of attending a public four-year university as an in-state student across the U.S. rose 25.1% from 2008 to 2011, it only rose 10.1% in Montana. Additionally, for in-state students attending public schools, the Montana Board of Regents has frozen tuition rates during 2014 and 2015, so the state will likely stay at the lower end of the tuition scale. However, private school costs are rising quickly, with the cost of a four-year education increasing by 15.9% in the state and just 13.2% nationally between 2008 and 2011. Nonetheless, Montana schools remain on the lower end of tuition rates in comparison to other state schools, due in part to Montana's small population.

College Enrollment

Enrollment in public four-year schools in Montana has dropped in recent years. Between 2000 and 2010, freshmen numbers were up just 17%, compared to the national increase of 30.9%. However, enrollment in two-year schools skyrocketed over the same period: up a full 102%, versus a national increase of 26.7%. Reasons given for the drop in numbers at four-year institutions include a tightening of financial aid resources, bad publicity for the University of Montana in the face of 2011's sexual assaults, and an increased interest in vocational school.

Higher Education Initiatives

  1. Official State Links

  2. College Savings

    • Montana Family Education Savings Program: The state's 529 plan offers students and families a means of saving for college early, with added tax benefits. Students can use their savings for a 2- or 4- year school, either in Montana or out-of-state. Montana's plan is run by Vanguard.
  3. Education Nonprofits

    • Hopa Mountain Indigenous Scholars of Promise: This Montana nonprofit works with 30 indigenous high school juniors and seniors each year, providing them with resources, skill sessions, support and advocacy. Each student is in the top 20% of his or her high school class and visits several colleges and universities as a member of this program.
    • Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation: This nonprofit is dedicated to helping Montana students pay for higher education. Through grants, loan financing and assistance, and several scholarships, MHESAC has helped a large chunk of the state's students successfully transition from high school to college.
  4. Higher Education News

    • Montana University System News Center: The state organization of public universities posts articles and notes related to schools within Montana.
    • Education Week Montana: This national publication offers the option to filter news by state, providing Montana residents with a list of pertinent articles on trends in the state's higher education system.

Higher Education in Montana

Montana Schools vs US State Average

Graduation Rate and Average Test score at Public 4-year Institutions

    • 48% Montana
      Graduation Rate
    • 22.0 ACT Montana
      Average Test Score
    • 56% National
      Graduation Rate
    • 21.1 ACT National
      Average Test Score

Average Tuitions and Fees in Montana

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    Public 2-Year
  • MT US
    Public 4-Year
  • MT US
    Private 4-year

Montana Institutions

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    Degree-Granting Institutions
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