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College Costs

With a modest 4.6% raise in tuition rates for the 2011-2012 school year, Maine students saw the 10th lowest tuition rate increase in the nation. The national average increase of 8.3% for the same period. Perhaps this is because Maine, unlike nearly every other state, did not have a net cut in state higher education funding rates over the last five years. While their levels of increase have been small (with a total of only a 2.9% increase over five years), Maine colleges have not had to rely upon tuition increase alone to fund their operations.

College Enrollment

Running ahead of national levels, enrollment was up 3.7% in Maine for 2010, the latest year in a recent study. Nationally, that figure was only 2.2%. This current figure is ahead of the ten year average for Maine, which was 2.66%. These strong enrollment numbers are perhaps due to the lower tuition increase rates in Maine, compared to the rest of the nation.

Higher Education Initiatives

  1. Official State Links

  2. College Savings

    • Finance Authority of Maine (FAME): FAME offers NextGen, a 529 plan. With two versions of the plan: one direct purchase and the other advisor sold. These plans have lots of bells and whistles. Applicants to a plan can apply for a $500 Alfond grant or a $200 initial matching grant, with funds applied directly to accounts.
  3. Education Nonprofits

    • Maine Education Services: The MES provides support to students and families as they investigate higher education financing opportunities, including locating scholarship sources. The Foundation's site also urges students to explore career interests using the CRAVE Career Exploration System.
    • Maine Compact for Higher Education (MCHE): This organization was created to address the needs of adult students in gaining college degrees. Maine has a very low rate of college education among adult citizens, and the state feels they are losing out on jobs and investment for that reason.
    • Maine Community Foundation: The MCF aggregates a variety of traditional financial aid and award opportunities, as well as "aspirational, non-traditional and camp" scholarships available to students in the state.
  4. Higher Education News

    • UMaine News: UMaine News offers statewide education news, events coverage and the UMaine Today Magazine.

Higher Education in Maine

Maine Schools vs US State Average

Graduation Rate and Average Test score at Public 4-year Institutions

    • 58% Maine
      Graduation Rate
    • 1391 SAT Maine
      Average Test Score
    • 56% National
      Graduation Rate
    • 21.1 ACT National
      Average Test Score

Average Tuitions and Fees in Maine

  • ME US
    Public 2-Year
  • ME US
    Public 4-Year
  • ME US
    Private 4-year

Maine Institutions

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    Degree-Granting Institutions
  • ME US
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    Private Not-For-Profit Institutions
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    Private For-Profit Institutions