50 Ways to Use the Wii In Your Library

Libraries are often looking for a way to get the community more involved in the library, and gaming is a great way to do that. And the Nintendo Wii makes an awesome console for libraries because it can be social and collaborative. Here, we’ll take a look at 50 fun and educational ways to use the Wii in your library.


Use the Wii to get patrons in your door with these events.

  1. Classic game night: With the virtual console, you and your patrons can play and reminisce about classic games.
  2. Family play night: Use this family-friendly console to bring families together in your library.
  3. Pokemon Battle Revolution Tournament: Let your patrons link their Ninendo DS devices and play against each other on the big screen.
  4. Going away party: Have fun with library staff that is going away by playing the Wii.
  5. Painting party: Play around with the doodle function and see if you and your patrons can emulate famous works of art.
  6. Puzzle play: Encourage collaborative work by solving photo puzzles on the Wii.
  7. Carnival night: Create a tiny carnival in your library with the Wii’s Carnival Games.
  8. Comic book night: If you don’t have comic books, bring some in, and ask patrons to dress up and come play the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.
  9. Kid instruction night: Let kids teach adults how to play games on the Wii.


Bring out the competitive side of your patrons with these contests.

  1. Dance Dance Revolution contest: You’ll get lots of kids to visit the library with a Dance Dance Revolution party.
  2. Compete against other libraries: Pit your patrons against others in libraries across town or around the world for some friendly competition.
  3. Literary Mii contest: Ask your patrons to create Miis of their favorite literary figures and award the most creative ones.
  4. Big Brain Academy challenge: Get patrons to play this game, and give prizes to anyone who beats a certain score.

Education Themes

Use Wii games to create a theme night for educational topics.

  1. Trauma Center: With Trauma Center, you can dicuss medical conditions and various figures from medical history.
  2. History of racing: With MarioKart for the Wii, you can play and discuss racing through the years.
  3. Music education: Pick up a copy of Rockband to introduce music education to the library.
  4. Military history: Discuss World War II military flight with Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII.
  5. Physical education: With the Wii Fit, you can spark an interest in physical education and therapy.
  6. Football history: Play football on the Wii and take the opportunity to share football history.
  7. Cookbooks: Use Cooking Mama to highlight cookbooks your library may have available.
  8. Agatha Christie: With Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, you can take an in-depth look at Agatha Christie’s works.
  9. Geography: With the Wii’s news and weather channels, you’ll have an interactive globe at your disposal.
  10. Current events session: Teach patrons how important current events are using the Wii news channel’s news slideshow.
  11. Gaming history: Use the virtual console to get patrons to take a look back into gaming history.
  12. Golf: Play Wii Golf and research famous golfers. You can even make miis of them.
  13. Sea Monsters: Use Sea Monsters to take a look at underwater life.


Your AV department will love these ideas.

  1. Foldable interactive displays: Take interactive displays for your library anywhere with this hack.
  2. Internet presentation: Use the Wii’s Internet feature as an alternative to a projector.
  3. Library slideshow: Promote some of your library’s great photos by loading them onto the Wii’s photo slideshow.
  4. Share images: Post images to your Wii message board so patrons can see them.
  5. Mouse: Use your Wiimote as a mouse. This is especially helpful for presentations.
  6. Digital whiteboard: Use your Wiimote to turn your laptop into a digital whiteboard.
  7. Finger tracking: Show patrons the power in their fingertips with this cool trick.

News & Weather

Take advantage of the Wii’s news and weather channels in your library.

  1. Stay updated on the weather: Leave the weather channel up to keep your patrons updated on the weather outside.
  2. Share news around the world: With the Wii’s news station, you can highlight world news.
  3. Constant news ticker: Keep your Wii on the news channel’s opening screen, and you’ll have an ongoing ticker for the news of the day.
  4. Large text reader: With the Wii’s large text, you can make it fun and easy for patrons with vision problems to read news stories.
  5. Geographic visualization: Share the news on the map so patrons can see exactly where it’s happening.

Communication & Information

Use the Wii to gather information and stay in touch with your patrons using the Wii’s communication features.

  1. Wiimail: Get the console numbers of patrons and send out notices about library wii events and more through your Wii.
  2. Leave messages: On the Wii message board, you can put up posted memos for all to see.
  3. Vote: Use the everyone votes channel to see what your library patrons really think.
  4. Voting competition: See which Mii makes the best predictions on the Everyone Votes channel.
  5. Submit questions on everyone votes: Let patrons ask a question they really want to know and see if it gets answered.

Other Uses

These are just a few more ways you can put the Wii to work.

  1. Help seniors play sports: The Wii makes playing sports possible for some senior citizens.
  2. Game creation project: Gather your technologically-inclined patrons and have them create their own Wii game using WiiWare.
  3. Orientation: Create a more welcome, collaborative environment at orientations by bringing out the Wii.