50 Best Blogs for Humanities Scholars

Students who head to college with humanities as their major find the field so stimulating because of its eclectic nature. A diverse selection of art, politics, philosophy, literature, science, history, linguistics and so much more all filters into this omni-disciplinary study. This list, though it compiles some of the most interesting blogs on the internet, only delivers but a sliver of the amazing intellectual gems to be found online. Use them as springboards towards discovering the wide breadth of opinions and insights available for perusal and consideration. Other resources for finding information on education, schools and specific colleges such as top online paralegal colleges are also available. Owing to space constraints, this article unfortunately could not compile together resources from every field feeding into the humanities. So please take no offense to those excluded. They still have plenty of worthwhile content to read as well!

Art and Art History

  1. ArtsJournal: Stay on top of world art news past and present with one of the most essential resources on the subject around.

  2. Eye Level: Presented by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Eye Level takes readers on detailed journey through the nation’s rich creative history.

  3. Inside/Out: Humanities scholars interested in the here and now of modern out must bookmark this amazing, informative read by the Museum of Modern Art.

  4. Juxtapoz: This magazine revels in the margins of the art world, making it a perfect read for humanities buffs who love the edgy and bizarre.

  5. Indianapolis Museum of Art: The best part about the IMA blog is how adroitly it draws connections between art and plenty of other subjects, including technology and horticulture.

  6. Asian Art Museum Blog: A San Francisco institution, the Chong-Moo Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture educates the populace about the brilliant diversity and lush creative history found on the continent.

  7. The Art History Newsletter: Follow this incredible blog for the latest news and views from around the art history community. They do an excellent job of covering stories from around the world.

  8. Art History: This eclectic read covers many different periods, people and place in art history, making it a nice little resources for humanities enthusiasts.

  9. theartblog: Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof keep readers updated on the coolest new artistic events and ideas going on around the country, as well as the people who make it all possible.

  10. Artdaily.org: Artdaily.org is an undeniably essential read for

General Humanities and Culture

  1. Dan Cohen: While he may not update as often as some of the other bloggers listed here, this historian enjoys linking past and present by working with technologies to digitally preserve every facet of the humanities.

  2. Law & Humanities Blog: Multiple contributors provocatively weigh in on literature, the legal field and the humanities and their frequent intersections.

  3. Between the Lines: Offered by the School of Humanities at University of California at Irvine, Between the Lines update readers on their latest events, research and commentary.

  4. Culture Monster: Los Angeles Times‘ Culture Monster writes about all the arts, all the time for the benefit of humanities buffs looking to learn more in the here and now.

  5. Blogs at NPR: From history to politics to music to movies — and everything in between — these blogs offer up incredibly intelligent, stimulating content.

  6. Open Culture: Thanks to Open Culture, millions of readers can receive lessons and browse informative resources in a wide variety of academic subjects.

  7. Global Culture: Issues and ideas regarding multiculturalism, sustainability and more collide in an interesting blog crammed full of information and insights.

  8. nicomachus.net: Humanities scholars looking to move into the internet age would do well to check out Phillip Barron’s intelligent takes on everything from history to digital art.

  9. Centre for Medical Humanities: Durham University’s Centre for Medical Humanities dissect the delicate balance between science, art and culture in their engaging resource.

  10. Blue Humanities Blog: Although most writings here revolve around literature (mostly Shakespeare) and thalassology, St. John’s professor Steve Mentz still includes plenty of other humanities musings to round everything out.


  1. The Linguist On Language: Humanities fans with a particular penchant for languages need to bookmark this amazing, eclectic blog on the topic.

  2. Language Log: Several authors affiliated with UPenn write about words, words, words and their impact on humanity’s past, present and future. Not to mention their structure and origins.

  3. Ryan’s Linguistics Blog: While he may not update as frequently as some of the other bloggers here, this first-year linguistics PhD candidate has plenty of interesting things to say.

  4. A Walk in the WoRds: Linguistics lovers will find plenty to pique their interest through the thoroughly fun, engaging A Walk in the WoRds.

  5. Games with Words: The science (specifically, cognition) behind language comes alive at Games with Words, a fabulous fusion of disciplines for the multifaceted humanities student.

  6. separated by a common language: An American linguist living in the UK highlights how the same language still contains a hefty amount of variances, especially idiomatic, between regions.

  7. Languagehat: Issues of language and linguistics form the core of this intellectual jaunt through the innermost workings of verbal and written communication.

  8. The Visual Linguist: Neil Cohn realizes that language extends far beyond words — pictures and art can also convey messages and serve as an interesting bridge when barriers inevitably crop up.

  9. Omniglot blog: Anything and everything regarding many different languages crops up at Omniglot blog, an amazing reference for those interested in comparative linguistics.

  10. Paleoglot: Study the nuances and structures of ancient languages with this fantastic source for linguistics, history, culture and plenty more.


  1. Paper Cuts: The New York Times picks apart literary issues, features cutting-edge writers and peeks into the latest people and trends in the industry.

  2. Bookslut: As one of the most popular literature blogs on the internet, Bookslut delivers some incredible commentary on worthwhile and not-so-worthwhile reads past, present and future.

  3. Columns and Blogs at Publisher’s Weekly: Bookmark this essential resource for news, opinions and trends from all across the publishing world, including interviews, reviews and plenty more treats for the literature-oriented humanities scholar.

  4. Blogs at the New York Review of Books: Humanities enthusiasts have plenty to love about the New York Review of Books, which peers into a plethora of subject matter and how it relates back to reading and rhetoric. An excellent read for the omni-disciplinarians out there.

  5. The Book Bench: Like the preceding entry, The New Yorker‘s book blog places literature in a much broader social context, perfectly illustrating how so many different topics interconnect with one another.

  6. the Literary Saloon: Stop in here for more than just a wee tipple of literary criticism. This incredible, intelligent blog offers readers an amazingly comprehensive look at an essential facet of human creativity.

  7. Books Blog at The Guardian: Reviews, news and issues are the name of the game here at one of the UK’s biggest resources, offering up plenty of stimulating content for literature geeks of all types.

  8. ReadySteadyBlog: An outcropping of the superb ReadySteadyBook, the blog continues its host’s dedication to discussing (almost) anything and (almost) everything related to literature and its criticism.

  9. Anecdotal Evidence: Perfect for the humanities students out there, Anecdotal Evidence dissects poetry and prose alike by looking at how it influences (and is influenced by) human experiences.

  10. Maud Newton: Culture, politics and of course, literature, come together in one seriously cool, intelligent blog for the hip humanities fan. And yes, hip humanities fans exist.


  1. Leiter Reports: One of the most visited, respected philosophy blogs on the Internet, Leiter Reports also delivers some keen insight into academia as well.

  2. Talking Philosophy: This magazine hosts a few different bloggers, each writing their takes on the latest news, views, findings and trends from within the philosophical realms.

  3. Experimental Philosophy: Humanities students with a particular interest in gauging the future would do well to explore Experimental Philosophy, which peers into new and exciting ways to interpret the world.

  4. Think Tonk: Clayton Littlejohn blends politics, culture and philosophy into one intellectually stimulating, engaging and thoroughly essential read.

  5. Continental Philosophy: As the title states, this blog delves into all the ins and outs of the many and varied philosophies hailing from mainland Europe.

  6. Certain Doubts: Explore many epistemological thoughts and insights though the lenses of numerous philosophy fans and professionals.

  7. Philosophy talk: John Perry, Ken Tyler and their staff host a public radio show, website and blog that covers philosophy topics popular and esoteric alike, and humanities students would do well to keep up with them.

  8. In Socrates’ Wake: In Socrates’ Wake looks at philosophy, education and their interactions, exploring teaching methods that get people thinking critically about the world around them.

  9. PEA Soup: Philosophy, ethics and academia form the core of this amazing group blog, which provides readers with some interesting perspectives to consider and reconsider.

  10. The Prosblogion: Religion and philosophy alike exist as some of the most controversial, subjective concepts, but they still form a core component of humanities studies.