20 Best Speech Therapy Blogs

Speech therapy, speech and language pathology, and audiology all make for exceptionally rewarding, admirable career choices. Working with young children, students and even adults possessing varying learning, cognitive, developmental or physical conditions, these studies press towards fortifying the communication skills these challenges often compromise. From a broader perspective, empowering these individuals to learn how to clearly convey their ideas and emotions nurtures understanding and defies many misconceptions and stereotypes people hold about the differently-abled. Anyone considering the pursuit of a speech therapy, speech and language pathology or similar (but not identical) field may want to use these resources as nice research materials.

  1. If Only I Had Superpowers: This incredible speech therapist works with a wide number of different conditions, guiding them through the exercises they need to bolster communication skills. She also sometimes discusses her family and the challenges they face with disability.

  2. Play On Words: Parents, teachers and speech therapists who work with children will find Play On Words an incredibly educational resource. They offer tips, advice and recommendations for great books, toys and media to encourage clearer communication.

  3. Autism Games: Tahirih Bushey uses her skills and training as a speech and language pathologist to help children on the autism spectrum improve their communication abilities. She also speaks favorably of play therapy’s many benefits.

  4. Gray Center SUN News: Many speech therapists turn to this nonprofit for information and inspiration on promoting autism awareness and improved discussion between those on the spectrum and those who are not. Though not exclusively about speech, many professionals in the field still consider this a valuable resource.

  5. Speech and Language Pathology: Numerous contributors flock to this intelligent group blog targeting speech and language pathologists as well as those seeking their services. It’s an impressively active community with plenty of interesting talks taking place.

  6. PediaStaff Blog: Though not exclusively about speech and language pathology, the amazing PediaStaff blog and website certainly covers it frequently. Considering it also looks into physical therapy, child psychology and other topics relevant to caring for the needs of kids, many speech therapists will probably enjoy seeing how their efforts line up with other career paths.

  7. School Speech Pathology Blog: Dr. John M. Panagos peers into the policies and politics of providing speech therapy to students across the country. After noticing some rather disconcerting disparities between education and practice, he launched his blog with the hope of better promoting public awareness and understanding of children’s communication issues — not to mention what needs doing to improve their therapy.

  8. Adelante! Bilingual Therapies Blog: Though it may not update as often as many of the other blogs listed here, Adelante! still makes for essential reading on bilingual speech pathology. Even for those who only work with one language, the site provides a valuable glimpse into an overlooked corner of the field.

  9. Speech-Language Pathology Sharing: Technology (specifically, Apple) geeks hoping to incorporate the latest gadgetry should seek advice from Eric Sailers. He may not post with the same frequency of others, but his resources and ideas deserve mention here all the same.

  10. ASHAsphere: Everyone in the speech therapy, speech and language pathology and audiology fields needs to bookmark The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s official blog. Their steady stream of articles covers pretty much everything professionals need to know to offer the best education possible.

  11. GeekSLP: Once or twice a month, Barbara Fernandes talks about some of her favorite technologies for use in speech and language pathology. She clearly loves what she does, and writes up some of the Internet’s most informative posts on intersections between gadgetry and her career path.

  12. Pathologically Speaking: A pair of professional speech language pathologists blog about the medical and educational applications of their training. For the technologically-minded out there, a nice chunk of the content is relevant to their interests.

  13. SpeechTechie: SpeechTechie features easy-to-use applications, programs and other technologies that will pique the fancy of audiologists, speech therapists and speech and language pathologists. One does not have to possess an intimate knowledge of computers and smart phones to appreciate what they recommend, either.

  14. Speech and Language Forum: Both the website itself and the associated blogs provide speech and language professionals of all types an opportunity to network and talk about the latest relevant news and views. The blogs themselves cover a nice range of subjects and areas of interest, too.

  15. Cochlear Kids: Speech therapists who predominantly work with hearing-impaired children should look to Cochlear Kids for inspiration and advice. Val Blakely is an incredibly respected blogger who packs her corner of the internet with incredible resources for this professional facet.

  16. Tucson Audiologists/TAI Inc: These Arizona-based audiologists share the latest technologies and techniques used in assisting the hearing-impaired of the Tucson community and beyond. Stop by their blog for some excellent insight into this field closely linked to speech therapy.

  17. A.U. Bankaitis’s Blog: Audiologists and speech therapists who work with them will find A.U. Bankaitis’s Blog a highly useful reference. It catalogues everything these professionals need to know about treating, educating and working with the hearing-impaired.

  18. AuDNet Inc: Speech therapists concerning themselves with hearing-impaired students and adults need to scan AuDNet’s official blog and website for updated audiology news and opinions. Though the two fields are not interchangeable, it certainly pays for speech and language pathology professionals to understand how they impact one another.

  19. TechPsych: TechPsyche targets anyone working in psychological, physical or cognitive development — including speech and language pathologists — and explores the latest innovations that could help them in their careers. Considering its exuberant update schedule and bevy of resources, the main audience certainly has plenty of content to consider.

  20. Language Resources Blog: As the title promises, this blog delivers some excellent advice and materials for speech and language pathologists and speech therapists. No matter the conditions with which they work, David Newmonic Language Resources offers something for most professionals — though the archives aren’t the easiest to access.