10 Universities with Amazing Online Collections


The folks here at OEDb have put together a stellar list of 10 Universities with Amazing Online Collections. This resource links to some incredible online collections, featuring award-winning photographs, ancient manuscripts, and priceless pieces of history. I know I’m going to want to spend some significant time clicking around these links. Here are just the first three:

  1. Oxford University:

    The University of Oxford has an impressive collection of rare and ancient texts that date from the 16th century and even earlier. The university recently announced plans to digitize 1.5 million pages of the texts in their collection, along with pages from the Vatican. This online collection will include early printed books from Rome, Greek manuscripts including works by Homer, Plato, Sophocles, and Hippocrates, as well as Hebrew manuscripts from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The project is expected to take about four years. If you can’t wait, check out Oxford’s existing online collections, including the John Johnson Collection, Early Manuscripts, and the Cairo Genizah Collection, which shares 280,000 fragments of Hebrew manuscripts in searchable form.

  2. Stanford University:

    Stanford’s online collections offer a little bit of everything, with lots of history, unusual documents, award-winning photography, and more. Our favorites include the Douglas Menuez Photography Collection featuring tech stars like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy that shares documents on peacetime uses of atomic energy, The Super-Enlightenment Project exploring the dark side of enlightenment, and the Women Art Revolution collection that chronicles the feminist art movement of the 1970s.

  3. Harvard University:

    Harvard has made it a point to open its collections, using it as a way to share Harvard’s intellectual wealth with the rest of the world. The university’s online collections have more than 2.3 million digitized pages in six subject-specific categories. Check out the Islamic Heritage Project, Immigration to the United States, and Women Working. Plus, you can visit Harvard Art Museums to find a searchable collection of art within the university’s collection.