Zombies Invade the Library

Alaska’s largest public library has initiated a unique new program involving the walking dead to teach disaster preparedness to it’s residents called Zombies Invade the Library. This is a fantastic idea to capitalize on the popularity of The Walking Dead and zombies in general, as well as the Halloween season to educate folks on this important issue.

“Preparedness is a serious concern in Alaska, where the list of potential life-threatening situations is long: earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, volcanoes, dangerous wildlife, and blizzards. Because the state is geographically isolated from what Alaskans like to call the Lower 48, local grocery-store shelves would empty quickly if a natural disaster were to cause the Anchorage seaport and airport to shut down. Nevertheless, it is an ongoing, uphill battle to make residents realize the importance of being able to shelter in place (in their homes or wherever else) for up to two weeks is an ongoing, uphill battle.”