Yahoo! Mash

Yahoo! is getting into the social networking game with their own offering called Mash, currently in beta. With elements taken from tried-and-true online networks, Yahoo! is creating a user profile system which it hopes to eventually integrate with its other social applications. Here’s a preview of what Yahoo! has in store with Mash.

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Customizable Profile – You can add a personal touch to your user profile by adding your own backgrounds, and choosing module, background, and text colors, however, guest viewing your profile can toggle between your creation and a plain white background simply by clicking the “this is fugly” link.

Add Modules – Much like start pages and Facebook, you can build your profile to be whatever you want it to be by adding modules such as the Flickr RSS, latest links, My YouTube videos, Amazon wishlist, or Pimp my Pet. Modules can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them around the page. Yahoo! has plans to open up the platform to third-party developers in the future, as Facebook did with its Apps feature.

A Little Help from Your Friends – A unique feature of Yahoo! Mash is that your friends can help you out with creating your profile by adding modules and RSS feeds to change your page. Of course you can always change your permissions to keep them from “being helpful”. You also have the option to limit access to only best friends or family.

Revision Control – Another great feature of this social network is the wiki-esque revision history which is available for each user profile, enabling you to revert back to a previous iteration of your profile at any time. A great option to have in case you find your friends have been up to no good on your page!

Pulse – This feature provides updates on what everyone in your social network is up to, for example what new modules they have added to their profile, who they have invited into the network, what guestbooks they’ve signed, etc.

Blurt - There is a “Blurt” box on each profile which is similar to the Facebook “Status” feature. Both are used to write short blurbs about what you are doing at a specific time, much like a tweet on Twitter. You can toggle your Pulse to see only Blurts from the people in your network, receiving a report much like on a microblogging site.

Right now Yahoo! Mash is an invite-only private beta, new users can get in if someone creates a profile for them. So if you want in, send me an email at [ellyssakroski at] and I’ll create one for you.

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