Transforming the Library Website: You and the IT Crowd

Transforming the Library Website: You and the IT Crowd not only references one of my all-time favorite TV shows, (The IT Crowd), but it does an excellent job of presenting 3 succinct case studies of library website redesign projects. Holly Hebert, Adult Services Librarian at the Brentwood Public Library, J. Michael Lindsay, Electronic Resources Librarian at the Preston Medical Library, University of Tennessee, and Amy York, Web Services Librarian at the Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State University guide the reader through their experiences transforming their library sites.

“Your library website is just as important as your library building, and for some of your users, it is far more important. Many of your users may rarely, if ever, step foot inside your building, but they may be accessing your ebooks, databases, and other online tools on a frequent basis. Your website can also drive more users to your physical library by helping you highlight new materials and programs. It is absolutely essential that you maintain a fresh, appealing, and dynamic web presence, and no one is better at doing that than the library staff, themselves. While you may need to rely on a larger IT entity to host your website or do some upfront website infrastructure work, libraries should be in control of their own content. You and the IT crowd can have a successful partnership if you stand your ground, make your case, and know your stuff!”