Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators

Although you’re not likely to see schools issuing an iPhone to every faculty and staff member, the device is an amazing tool for educators to use to stay organized, find resources, and manage a classroom. Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, or other educator, there are a number of apps that can help you do your job better. Here, we’ll take a look at 50 of these apps and what they can do for you.


Keep in touch with students, parents, and other teachers through these helpful applications. These resources are especially helpful for those teaching at the best online colleges and accredited online colleges.

  1. Edmodo: Edmodo is a social learning platform, allowing teachers and students a place to connect, create, and share content. Teachers can also post grades and assignments and give quizzes and polls.
  2. Engrade: With Engrade, teachers, administrators, and students are all connected. Teachers can use the tool to manage a classroom and track grades, keep in touch with parents, or send data to administrators who need it.
  3. Edublogs: Students and teachers can take advantage of the secure and education-focused blogs offered through this site and its corresponding application.
  4. Facebook: Facebook is a great place to connect with students, so stay current on what’s going on and let them know about assignments and upcoming events through a shared page on the site, accessed right through your mobile device.
  5. Learnist: On Learnist, teachers can share what they know about education and find helpful videos and tutorials from other educators as well.
  6. Pick Me: Trying to keep who you call on in class fair and balanced? Use this app to choose and track things so that no students are left out.
  7. Teacher Clicker: Socrative makes it possible to engage students through educational games and exercises in real time, provided you’ve got the setup. With this app, teachers who use Socrative can easily monitor performance and get students excited about learning.
  8. WordPress: Educators can update and manage their blog through this helpful app for iPhone.

Inspiration and Information

Looking to get inspired about being a teacher? Need to keep up with industry news? These apps can help with both.

  1. TED: Hear from some of the best and brightest minds in education, science, psychology, and more about innovative new ideas that might just change the world through the TED app.
  2. NPR: Stay up-to-date on the latest news stories through this great app.
  3. PBS: PBS can be a great resource for not only learning, but also teaching.
  4. Twitter: No educator should be without a Twitter account these days. Download this app to keep up with industry professionals, students, and education news anywhere you are.
  5. Flipboard: Through Flipboard, teachers can look at their favorite blogs and Twitter feeds in a magazine-like format, making it much more enjoyable to keep up with information for work.


With the help of these apps, you’ll stay organized and productive.

  1. Clear: Got a lot on your plate? Keep track of it all in a simple, streamlined manner with Clear, a to-do app that can ensure you tackle everything on your list.
  2. Evernote: With Evernote, teachers can easily save great ideas from the Web, access them later, and even search through them to find what they need.
  3. iAnnotate: Grade assignments, make notes on your lessons, or collaborate with coworkers using this simple but effective annotation app.
  4. Outliner: Organize your thoughts, tasks, and classroom projects with this app that’s part to-do list part project management software.
  5. Pinterest: Pinterest has become a great place for teachers to share and save ideas for the classroom. Set up your own account and start networking with coworkers and other educators to find amazing lessons and resources that can improve your classes.
  6. TeacherKit: TeacherKit is a personal organizer for educators. It makes it simple to keep track of classes and students, whether in class or on-the-go.


For quick references, these apps can’t be beat.

  1. Classics: Trying to grade a student paper on a classic novel but don’t remember what he or she is referencing? Use this app to quickly access hundreds of public domain books.
  2. Can’t remember how to spell something? Use this application to ensure you aren’t writing the wrong spelling on the board.
  3. eHow: Anytime you’re not sure how to do something, from talking with a parent to pulling together a resume, this app can help.
  4. Wikipedia: Just because you don’t allow students to use Wikipedia for research doesn’t mean it isn’t a great tool for quickly looking up information.
  5. WolframAlpha:If you’re seeking out science or math information, this application can get you there faster and with more helpfully organized data than a traditional search.
  6. World Factbook: Quickly look up facts about any country in the world that you can use in your history and geography lessons with World Factbook.

Teaching Tools

Your iPhone isn’t just a helpful tool for you to stay organized and on top of things; it also offers numerous opportunities for learning. Here are just a few great apps that can help you engage the class.

  1. BrainPOP Featured Movie: If you’ve got a BYOD classroom, use this application to hook students up with great educational movies, quizzes, games, and more.
  2. Early Jamestown: Students can get a better idea of what life was like for the settlers in Jamestown when you bring this great application into the classroom.
  3. Frog Dissection: There’s no need for messy live dissections in biology class when you use this application that teaches students anatomy without the use of a real frog.
  4. History Maps of the World: Find historical maps for loads of different time periods on this app that can help give your students a view into history.
  5. iTunesU: With iTunesU, you or your students can take advantage of numerous lectures, videos, and instructional materials from the world’s top universities.
  6. Khan Academy: If you’re using Khan Academy in your classroom, get this application so you can take advantage of the site’s 3,500 videos from anywhere and keep up with all of your students.
  7. NASA App: Through NASA’s app, you can get access to photos, videos, and information about space exploration.
  8. Project Noah: Work with your students to identify and track the wildlife surrounding your school when you use this great wildlife encounter app all about biodiversity.
  9. Solar System: Explore the inner and outer reaches of our solar system in stunning graphics with this award-winning application.
  10. Stack the States: This fun game helps students to learn all about the states.
  11. StoryKit: Create and illustrate stories for your class or just for fun when you use this innovative app.


These apps make it simple to track grades, student progress, and attendance.

  1. Attendance2: Track the daily attendance of all of your students using this application.
  2. iGrade: If you are tired of the old way of tracking grades, use this application instead to store and track all of the grade information you need about your students.
  3. GradePad: Manage groups, create rubrics, record grades, track improvement, and share data using this great all-in-one app.
  4. School & Stuff, Grades and Timetables: This app makes it easy to input and monitor the grades of junior high and high school students, as well as tracking other data.
  5. Smart Seat: Create seating charts and track attendance for your class using Smart Seat.
  6. Teacher Tool: Educators can stay organized and track grades using this simple but effective tool created just for teachers.


Check out these basic tools that can make your day-to-day life in the classroom a little easier.

  1. CamScanner: Important documents can easily be photographed and turned into PDFs without a scanner using this simple but amazing app.
  2. Date Wheel: This date wheel app makes it simple to calculate the number of days until the end of the semester, a big test, or any other critical date.
  3. Dragon Dictation: Make taking down notes or remembering important things easier by simply saying what you need instead of typing it all out.
  4. Dropbox: With Dropbox, you can store documents, media, presentations, and more on the Web, so they’ll be at your fingertips even if you forget your flash drive.
  5. Google Drive: Store and share your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using this free Gmail-integrated app.
  6. GPA Me: Don’t waste time calculating GPA; use this application to do it for you instead.
  7. Keynote: This Apple product is great for helping you to build presentations to give to your classes.
  8. Notability: With Notability, you can take notes, annotate PDFs, and integrate both with Dropbox and Google Drive.