Top Ten Facebook Apps for Librarians – Part Three

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This is the final installment in the Top Ten Facebook Apps for Librarians series, parts one and two are also available.  Here are the last four applications: – Keep track of all of your bookmarks from within your Facebook profile with this convenient application. Almost 10,000 members have decided to integrate this social bookmarking widget into their profiles.

JStor – This popular scholarly journal archive has created a search application which accesses its collection of full-text resources in the humanities and social science fields. Researchers must follow instructions for remote login, or may need to sign in from their library website before being able to use this Facebook feature.

My Wikipedia – Fans of the world’s largest encyclopedia will appreciate integrating content from Wikipedia into their Facebook profiles. With this application you can display your contributions to the Wikipedia resource, feature a custom article, opt-in to display historical events which occurred “On this Day”, receive random facts via the “Did You Know” selection, or feature the article or picture of the day, or the latest news stories. Over 1,200 Facebook users have added this application. Other options – Word A Day, (23,994 users), How to of the Day, (1,980 users).

LOLCats – Okay, I couldn’t resist this one. This cute little app will deliver adorable kitten pics to your profile on demand, simply click the “new kitty plz” button below your current pic to choose a new image. It’s not surprising that over 50,000 cat-lovers have installed this widget.

Still want more? Check out all of Facebook’s applications here: