Top 100 Education Blogs (Updated)

Thanks to the joy and wonder that is the Internet, anyone connected to the education industry — be they teacher, administrator, parent, developer, researcher, librarian, or even student – can plug in and take note of the current trends and topics shaping learning environments today. Doing so also provides stellar networking opportunities for those wanting to trade ideas, conduct research on online colleges, and further the cause of keeping kids and adults thinking critically about their world.

But links change, and now we present an updated version of our previous listing, which preserves the alphabetical order structure rather than bothering with rankings. We also continue advocating the thousands of resources over at edublogs, which obviously exist as far too legion to include here. Rest assured, however, anyone looking to learn a little more about education will likely discover something useful and/or provocative and/or fitting their needs.


Higher education involves its own unique set of policies and issues, and the following blogs offer up insight to students, parents, and professionals alike regarding almost anything and everything about the college experience and online schools including top online education colleges and top online business administration colleges.

  1. Ask the Dean at College Confidential
  2. Campus Grotto
  3. The Choice
  4. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  5. College Cures
  6. College Info Geek
  7. College – U. Got It?
  8. Honest College
  9. Inside Higher Ed


Mobile, Internet-based, and digital learning have all taken off as effective strategies for both mainstream and special needs students across the age and ability spectrum, so it behooves anyone involved with the education industry to stay abreast of the most recent applications and discoveries.

  1. Clive on Learning
  2. E-Learning Queen
  3. Elearnspace
  4. Internet Time Blog
  5. Integrated Learning Services
  6. JISC e-Learning Blog
  7. Cathy Moore
  8. Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  9. The Rapid E-Learning Blog
  10. Stephen’s Web
  11. Upside Learning Blog

Education News

When needing to learn more about the current news and views from around the education industry, including accredited online colleges, no matter the grade level or specialty, the following blogs will prove extremely useful indeed.

  1. Class Struggle
  2. EducationState
  3. Education News
  4. EducationNext
  5. Education Week
  6. Eduwonk
  7. Edwize
  8. Alexander Russo’s This Week in Education

Education Policy

Education will always stand as a prominent, divisive issue characterized by shades of gray and, yes, corruption. But the only way to fix the problems at hand is exploring and understanding the perceptions and research available.

  1. Change Agency
  2. Education Gadfly Daily
  3. Intercepts
  4. Living & Learning in Poverty
  5. Practical Theory
  6. Schools Matter
  7. Special Education Law Blog
  8. Teacher SOL
  9. Thoughts on Education Policy
  10. The Jose Vilson
  11. The Wrightslaw Way

Internet Culture

Internet-based digital technologies, such as social media, blogs, RSS, and the like, provide tech-savvy teachers with some incredibly innovative classroom tools — most of which they can learn about via the following resources. These resources may also be beneficial for those considering enrolling in one of the top online education programs.

  1. absolutely intercultural
  2. Digital Writing, Digital Teaching
  3. Full Circle Associates
  4. Ideas and Thoughts
  5. Infinite Thinking Machine
  6. Open Culture
  7. Online Learning Update
  8. Research Buzz


The complexities behind various learning styles and approaches come alive here, with plenty of food for thought for educators, administrators, parents, and even curious students.

  1. 2¢ Worth
  2. Learning Curves
  3. The Learning Network
  4. Learnlets
  5. McGee’s Musings
  6. Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS
  7. The Science of Learning Blog

Library and Research

Libraries so often form the crux of a well-rounded, effective education, and it pays to know how they work and what all they have to offer budding young researchers — and probably a few older ones, too!

  1. Dissertation Research
  2. Free Range Librarian
  3. Heyjude
  4. In the Library with the Lead Pipe
  5. Information Wants to be Free
  6. David Lee King
  8. Library Bytes
  9. Library Stuff
  10. Panlibus Blog
  11. Rambling Librarian
  12. Research Blogging
  13. ResourceBlog
  14. School Library Journal


Some of the most notable education blogs out there focus largely on one specific subject or style, as evidenced by the seriously cool reads in this section.

  1. ESL Podcast Blog
  2. History is Elementary
  4. Robert Krampf: The Happy Scientist
  5. Reality 101
  6. Steve Spangler Blog
  7. Teachers at Risk
  8. Evan Tobias: Catalysts and Connections
  9. WisBlawg


Read up on teaching strategies and commentaries by some of the most notable education bloggers the Internet has to offer.

  1. Artichoke
  2. Doug Belshaw
  3. Borderland
  4. Cool Cat Teacher Blog
  5. FunnyMonkey
  6. Infocult
  7. NYC Educator
  8. Phi Delta Kappan
  9. Teaching Blog Addict
  10. Graham Wegner: Open Educator


Considering technology’s swelling role in classrooms of all types these days, everyone in the industry should glean at least a basic familiarity with the different devices and programs utilized by educators in various scenarios.

  1. Around the Corner –
  2. The Assistive Technology Blog
  3. Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom
  4. Bionic Teaching
  5. CogDogBlog
  6. Dangerously Irrelevant
  7. Derek’s Blog
  8. EdCompBlog
  9. eSchool News
  10. High Techspectations
  11. Teach42
  12. Tech & Learning
  13. The Tech-Savvy Educator