Time Management Tips for Continuing Education Students

Many students who go back to school by taking online classes also have full-time or part-time jobs. This can be very stressful, especially if they also have families they need to care for. Studying at one of the top online colleges can save time by giving students a chance to study and learn on their own, but many students can fall behind or give up before finishing the program. It is important to treat an online program, such as online accounting programs, as seriously as traditional classroom programs are treated. Putting time aside each day to work on assignments is essential to getting them completed so that more can be learned. Below are tips for time management and organizing a student’s workspace so that one can enjoy what he/she is learning without having to rush through it.

1. Work at the same time each day to develop a routine. This will keep a student focused on what they need to learn. Try to put aside at least two hours each day for class work. Even though students will not have to attend classes, they will still have to complete assignments and study.

2. Download weekly or daily lectures at one time and print them out instead of reading from the computer. Too often, people miss important information when reading on the computer. They will have to go back and reread the information, which proves to be a big time waster. Print off lectures and assignments so that they will be available any time you want to look at them.

3. Find a workspace and keep the computer and other equipment in this space. Keep papers and assignments in this space so that they do not get lost. Losing paperwork can also be a waste of time. Having a workspace will also enable a person to focus on their schoolwork.

4. Create a weekly schedule to follow when completing assignments. Even though assignments are completed at the student’s pace, it is important to stay on task and be productive. Following a schedule that is similar to a syllabus given to students in traditional college programs will help the online student stay productive as well.

5. When studying, take frequent breaks to eat and stay hydrated. This will help process information faster and will save time in the long run. When people spend long hours studying, they will often have to reread sections of the text. By taking breaks, students are keeping their minds alert and focused.

Finding time to study can be difficult, but with a little practice anyone can become a great online student.