The Ultimate RSS Toolset: 100 Online Resources to Enhance Your Research

Because of RSS feeds, researchers save beaucoup time releasing and accessing materials necessary to furthering their fields. And with some online colleges offering students laptops and iPads to aid their studying, online students can really take advantage of these types of resources. Whether electing to share their findings through blogs and other website structures or trolling the depths of the Internet to find exactly what they need, these tools might very well help them along the way.


  1. Bloglines: Keep track of the latest news from local websites and blogs through a fully customizable “dashboard.”
  2. FeedDemon: Not only does FeedDemon serve as (and sync with) a fine RSS tool, it also kindly downloads favorite podcasts and makes copies.
  3. NetNewsWire: Available for Apple devices, this app focuses on clean, no-nonsense RSS delivery with a particular eye for the news.
  4. FeedShow: This feed reader provides PDF conversions, folders, import/export functions, and other easy-to-use features.
  5. RSS Reader: Despite the name, RSS Reader also allows for reading XML feeds and for free, as an added bonus.
  6. SharpReader: Suitable for anyone on the .net framework looking to read or create their own XML or RSS feeds.
  7. mySyndicaat: Create a wholly personalized news aggregator and set up filters and subscriptions for quick reading.
  8. fwicki: Head to this simple site for an RSS catalogue and management tools in a thoroughly accessible format.
  9. NewsAlloy: NewsAlloy allows subscriptions to multiple RSS feeds at once, along with search, share, and digest features.
  10. Pulse: Available as a web app and for Android mobile devices, Pulse brings together social networking, digital periodicals, blogs, and other online resources into one pretty and shiny package.
  11. Feeds 2.0: Those who can get into the private beta come face-to-face with a resource that personalizes recommended feeds based on the tastes and trends it observes.
  12. Tristana: Itís a reader AND a writer! Consider Tristana when looking for a way to create, edit, share, and follow RSS feeds.
  13. Dayview: Dayview functions as an RSS reader as well as a sort of personalized homepage, focusing mainly on delivering news.
  14. FeedReader: Sign up, sign in, and cobble together RSS feeds from your own sites as well as your absolutely favorites.
  15. Omea Reader: Internet denizens who read blogs as well as newsgroups follow both with Omea Reader.

Personalized Homepages

  1. iGoogle: Set up custom news streams and weather alerts, play games, and interact with Googleís suite of digital products here.
  2. My Yahoo!: The interface might seem a little overwhelming at first, but My Yahoo! still makes it easy to read all the latest stories in one place.
  3. Netvibes: Synch up with a mobile device or log in to the website for real-time RSS updates on favorite websites and blogs, with analytics services for businesses.
  4. Daily Rotation: Targeting tech news junkies, Daily Rotation asks users to pick their favorite sites on the subject and returns the biggest headlines.
  5. persona/: Combine social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and more into one streamlined resource.
  6. Protopage: Start with the default and add and subtract feeds for a fully customized homepage to greet you upon browser login.
  7. Favoor: Another tool for organizing RSS feeds into a stylish personalized homepage, available for free and anywhere with an internet connection.

Browser Extensions

  1. RSS Ticker: The top-ranked RSS extension for Firefox comes in a handy dandy little ticker format that scrolls across the screen.
  2. RSS Feed Reader: Chrome users looking for a quick and easy way to synch with their Google Readers and stay on top of the latest posts might want to consider installing this popular add-on.
  3. NewsFox: Another Firefox-y extension featuring a simple, e-mail-style interface for RSS and XML reading good times.
  4. infoRSS: This busy little Firefox add-on not only reads RSS and XML, but Twitter, HTML, NNTP, and Google as well.
  5. Feed Sidebar: Also for Firefox, Feed Sidebar searches bookmarks and keeps browsers alerted in real time when any of them update.
  6. Feedly: iPhone- and Android-ready Feedly offers up a clean and painless method for staying on top of the latest news and blogs.
  7. Thick RSS Browser: Customize thickboxes to browse RSS feeds and news stories in a way so lazy, you donít even need to close your window.
  8. RSS Icon: A simple Firefox plugin that allows an RSS icon on the toolbar for easier access than later versions provide.

Blog Tools and Plugins

  1. Feedpass: Bloggers set up their very own RSS feeds for their readers to follow through an extremely simple, fast process.
  2. FeedBurner: Courtesy of Google, FeedBurner provides analytics services for bloggers hoping to set up their own convenient RSS feeds.
  3. Pingler: Ping up to 25 URLs once every three days to save time on checking them one by one in addition to the usual feed service.
  4. Ping-o-Matic!: Use it to keep search engines updated on when your blog has some new posts readers might want to check out.
  5. FeedCombine: Only available as an open source file, FeedCombine lets bloggers set up RSS feeds for their sites and track views.
  6. Dapper: Now run by Yahoo!, Dapper continues to allow bloggers and their readers to create RSS feeds for themselves.
  7. WordPress: The wildly popular free blogging platform dishes out advice on how to switch on RSS to best reach out.
  8. RSS Includes Pages: Available to WordPress users who want their RSS feeds to include page updates in addition to the usual blog posts.
  9. Simple Feed Copyright: Before organizing an RSS feed for a WordPress blog, ensure content remains copyrighted by including this plugin.
  10. Editorís Picks: Publishers and news outlets hoping for a little push from Google submit their blogsí RSS feeds here for consideration.
  11. FuelMyBlog: Although a directory rather than a plugin, FuelMyBlog is an essential tool for RSS aficionados hoping to promote their content.

RSS Directories

  1. RSS Network: Check the extensive (but easy-to-navigate) for subject-specific RSS feeds and even add your blog to extensive directory.
  2. An excellent way to bookmark, promote, organize, and track your blogs’ RSS feeds and catch other peoples’ as well.
  3. Directory of RSS Feeds: The Free Dictionary hosts an excellent list of some of the best RSS feeds from the most popular news sources.
  4. Categorize and search RSS from around the Internet — maybe even join up to promote your own site.
  5. Yahoo! Directory: Browse thousands of RSS feeds for blogs and websites pertaining to a lovely little variety of subjects.
  6. U.S. Government RSS Directory: Like the name says, this is where researchers go for RSS feeds involving federal government documents and news.
  7. Another extensive RSS, XML, and blog directory, which happens to be particularly bullish on regional and world reads.
  8. Academic Feeds/Alerts: While not comprehensive, this small little MIT resource still provides a great listing of the RSS feeds best suited for academic research.
  9. Educational Feeds: It is what it sounds like: a great listing of RSS feeds pertaining to pretty much every educational level and topic around. Great for those interested in research for top online education programs.

Mobile Tools

  1. LiteFeeds: Keeping track of news and blogs on the go is cake, and for businesses hoping to extend their brand, LiteFeeds provides some pretty sweet tools as well.
  2. synchs up with mobile devices for some of the simplest RSS delivery services available.
  3. MobileRSS: Bring Google RSS to Apple devices or sync them with Instapaper, ReadItLater, social media sites, and e-mail.
  4. my6sense: Business owners use my6sense to provide quick, easy-to-browse content for their globetrotting followers who can’t get near a laptop.
  5. Reeder: Apple fans with Macs and iDevices download Reeder, which syncs with Google Reader and other RSS tools, for playing content catch-up.
  6. Byline: Online or off, Byline makes the process of checking out Google Reader while out and about a fast and easy undertaking.
  7. News 360: A customizable way to stay on top of all the latest news without any of the stuff you find uninteresting muddying up the place.
  8. FoCuS: Another great (and totally painless) way to play with RSS feeds on multiple mobile device platforms.
  9. Feedest: Android, iOs, and Blackberry fans can read all their favorite RSS-enabled sites as well as social media.
  10. SimpleReader Mobile: Input a URL and automatically receive a mobile version for much faster browsing on smartphone and PDA devices.

RSS E-mail Tools

  1. FeedBlitz: Not only do FeedBlitzers enjoy e-mail RSS capabilities, they assist with marketing via social media and the subscription process.
  2. RSS FWD: Accessible to publishers and subscribers alike, like the name says this service delivers RSS feeds via e-mail — and users enjoy control over when and what they receive.
  3. Nourish: Turn RSS feeds into regular e-mails your family, friends, and fans can subscribe to and receive on the reg.
  4. Blog Alert: Plug in a feedís URL. Plug in an e-mail address. BAM! E-mail alerts about when new content is ready to read.
  5. Blogtrottr: Sign up to have content from favorite sites conveniently delivered to your e-mail address and even follow what fellow Blogtrottrs are reading.
  6. MailChimp: Over 2.5 million folks create e-mail newsletters and track their statistics through the MailChimp service.
  7. AWeber: Blog owners integrate with their sites and social media for regular RSS e-mail alerts readers might demand.
  8. Campaign Monitor: In addition to sending out e-mails alerting readers about brand new content, Campaign Monitor lets users watch visitors interact with content in real time.

Feed Validators

  1. Feed Validator: Plug in a URL and instantly check for any errors in need of correcting — perfect for webmasters and bloggers.
  2. Walidator: Works for testing RSS, CSS, HTML, XHTML, RDF, bacon, eggs, sausage, and Spam, and more.
  3. Podcast RSS Validator: In case the name doesnít give it away, this tool ensures podcast RSS feeds are in proper working order.
  4. W3C: This totally free validation service also looks at Atom as well as RSS, input either via URL or direct input.
  5. Feed Validator: Copy and paste a URL into the box and get back information about whether or not the RSS works.
  6. Ping Server: Blog owners input the URL for their site to check whether or not their RSS, XML, and RDF feeds work right.
  7. Cast Feed Validator: Another simple feed validator specifically for the podcasting crowd and those who love them.

RSS Feed Editors

  1. RSSmesh: A straightforward PHP script that merges together different bits from different feeds into a brand new, sexy feed.
  2. Feedbite: Feedbite combines social media with RSS, allowing participants to share and edit listings of their choosing.
  3. Feed Informer: No less than MIT itself takes advantage of the crazy popular, crazy easy RSS editing and compiling program.
  4. Feed Rinse: It describes itself as “like a spam filter for your RSS subscriptions,” helping users sift out the content that doesnít interest them.
  5. Jitbit: For Windows types wanting a simple, painless way to create, edit, and share their RSS feeds. No prior experience necessary.
  6. Easy Feed Editor: Create your own supremely simple feed editor capable of reading both RSS and XML.
  7. Feed Editor: Ideal for Internet content generators who lack the time to learn how to put together an RSS feed from scratch.
  8. Feedzilla: Feedzilla kinda sorta does it all, actually, making it indispensable for site owners looking to network and set up their own feeds.

Aggregators and Crowdsourced Content

  1. reddit: Known as “the front page of the internet,” reddit serves as a repository for usersí favorite content, divided up by subject.
  2. Digg: Another crowdsourced news aggregator covering the highs and some of the lows of what the Internet offers.
  3. FARK: Read all the funniest news headlines from all around the world. And also Florida. Especially Florida.
  4. AmphetaDesk: It sits quietly and stylishly right there on your screen, delivering syndicated news for whenever you have the time to sit down and read.
  5. MetaFilter: MetaFilter is a popular “community blog” chock full of diverse content submitted by its user base.
  6. StumbleUpon: Sign up for StumbleUpon to read what the rest of the Internet reads and hopes to share.
  7. Delicious: Social media meets news aggregation at the ubiquitous Delicious, where participants post up what they love for public or private discussion.
  8. popurls: popurls is an aggregator focusing on the top news stories from the top aggregators, news websites, and crowdsourced content feeds.

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Juice: Podcast enthusiasts take advantage of Juice to follow their favorite RSS-enabled shows and listen to them at a more convenient time.
  2. Vuze Bitorrent Client: Automatically monitor torrents and download RSS feeds with this scanner and parser that plugs into the Vuze client.
  3. Chaos Wallpaper: This innovative little download switches between desktop wallpaper and RSS feeds. No logging into e-mails or browsers necessary.
  4. RSS to PDF: Like the title says, this valuable tool converts bits of RSS feeds into PDF format, with or without images.
  5. RSS News: Miranda users add this plugin so they can check out RSS feeds as they instant message one another through the connected programs.