The Wrong War Over eBooks: Publishers Vs. Libraries

David Vinjamuri writes for Forbes about The Wrong War Over eBooks: Publishers Vs. Libraries. This column is the first part in a 2-part series which will discuss libraries and their role in the marketing and readership of books. This initial article addresses the present conflict and the second part will look forward to the future for libraries and publishers and the important challenges that they must address. Here’s just a sample of this thought-provoking article:

“Libraries and big six publishers are at war over eBooks: how much they should cost, how they can be lent and who owns them. If you don’t use your public library and assume that this doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong.

In a society where bookstores disappear every day while the number of books available to read has swelled exponentially, libraries will play an ever more crucial role. Even more than in the past, we will depend on libraries of the future to help discover and curate great books. Libraries are already transforming themselves around the country to create more symbiotic relationships with their communities, with book clubs and as work and meeting spaces for local citizens.”