The Top 20 Most Popular iLibrarian Posts of 2012 – Pt. 1

We keep statistics at iLibrarian in order to judge what types of posts are preferred by our readers. Each week I receive a report of the most popular posts during that week. Since we’ve just started doing this weekly report this year, I thought it would be fun to combine them all and take a look at the most popular articles. This is part one of a two-part post which will present the top 20 most viewed and tweeted articles on iLibrarian. The statistics represent page views and tweets from the week the post was published, not from the entire year. In the spirit of the holidays, this will be arranged countdown style, starting with number 20.

Note: The abbreviation UPV’s stands for unique page views, meaning that if someone visits a post 20 times, it’s still only counted as 1 *unique* page view.




    • 18.) The 10 Best Sites for Hurricane Sandy Photosinstagram
      I’m hoping everyone is safe and well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I live in Manhattan and half of New York City is still without power today. Thankfully my cable, Internet, and cell phone service was restored last night. In light of what’s been happening, I thought I’d compile a list of the best places to see what the storm brought with it…keep reading.

      • This popular post received: 263 UPVs, 17 total tweets during the week it was published.


    • 17.) 10 Incredibly Striking QR Codes qr1;Over the past year I’ve seen more and more businesses and organizations make use of QR bar codes for marketing and disseminating information through the mobile platform. And they’ve become increasingly creative with their designs…keep reading.
      • This popular post received: 302 UPVs, 48 total tweets during the week it was published.


    • 16.) 6 Great New eBook Infographics:
      ebooks_ereader;There have been a slew of eBook infographics created this year, each giving insightful statistics in a visual way. Here are six that I have found recently, all posted since June of this year…keep reading.

      • This popular post received: 324 UPVs, 67 total tweets during the week it was published.



    • 14.) 4 Analytics Tools Librarians Should Know Aboutganalytics;
      Analytics tools are an invaluable way to show the ROI of marketing campaigns, popularity and usability of website content, value of blog posts, social media influence, and much more. If you haven’t been taking advantage of these free analytics tools for your library or organization, here’s your chance to check them out…keep reading.

      • This popular post received: 335 UPVs, 78 total tweets during the week it was published.



    • 12.) 7 New Tools to Create Your Own Infographicseaselly;
      If the popularity of Pinterest has proven anything this past year it’s that people love images. They love creating them, curating, them, and learning from them. So why not give your patrons what they want and create helpful infographics demonstrating how to use the library and other information literacy topics?!…keep reading.

      • This popular post received: 536 UPVs, 179 total tweets during the week it was published.


    • 11.) 450+ Tweeting Librarians Listlibrarians_twitter_list;have finally sorted through and organized all of my contacts on Twitter and like a good librarian I have categorized everyone using Twitter’s List feature. I have created a list of over 450 librarians who tweet…keep reading.
      • This popular post received: 545 UPVs, 7 total tweets during the week it was published