The No Shelf Required Guide to E-Book Purchasing


I have just finished reading Sue Polanka’s extremely helpful No Shelf Required Guide to E-Book Purchasing. This timely Library Technology Report outlines the various ways to purchase e-books including directly from publishers, through aggregators, and buying through consortia. I was thrilled to see a whole chapter on open access e-books written by E.S. Hellman. If you’re going to be proposing an e-book initiative in your library you’ll want to check out this issue.

Chapters include:

  • “Purchasing E-books in Libraries: A Maze of Opportunities and Challenges” by Sue Polanka
  • “Consortial Purchasing of E-books,” by Susan Hinken and Emily J. McElroy
  • “Academic Library Dilemmas in Purchasing Content for E-readers,” by Eleanor I. Cook
  • “Open Access E-books,” by E. S. Hellman
  • “The E-textbook Revolution,” by William D. Chesser
  • “Digital Textbooks,” by Stephen R. Acker
  • “Textbooks, Open Educational Resources, and the Role of the Library,” by Greg Raschke and Shelby Shanks