The Beginner’s Guide to CSS

Lauren Hockenson at Mashable has put together an excellent Beginner’s Guide to CSS for anyone wanting to expand their tech skill set, without getting a degree in graphic design. This quick guide gives a basic foundation on the basics of CSS, provides a video interview with the inventor, Håkon Wium Lie and sample code snippets. Here’s just a sample:

“Style sheet languages have existed since the 1980s, but the standardization and implementation of CSS in 1996 solidified it as one of the go-to languages for web development. The purpose of the language is to separate the content of a page (think paragraphs, links and other bits of information) from its display (font size, color, and details that have to do with how a page looks). Think of CSS as the companion language to HTML: while it cannot function on its own, it streamlines and completes what HTML lacks. But, it is important to note that CSS is fairly restrictive on the layout of a website; if you’re looking to develop a fluid layout that conforms to a browser window, then be prepared to spend a lot of time futzing with the language.”