The 25 Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology

Stephen’s Lighthouse reports on OnlineUniversities’ list of the Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology. Pinterest is an excellent tool for providing educational content in a way that engages students. Check out these great examples of pins created by teachers. Here are the first five:

  1. Vicki Dabrowka, Ed Tech: Browse through more than 180 pins all related to educational technology from teacher and environmental educator Vicki Dabrowka.
  2. Cristin Dillard #EdTech, : This edtech board is filled with helpful resources for using technology in the classroom, finding apps, and a few useful web 2.0 tools, too.
  3. Patricia Brown, EDTECH: There are numerous videos, tutorials, articles, and other resources to help you learn how to better use technology in education on this very helpful board.
  4. Vicki Davis, Teaching Ideas and Apps: Vicki Davis, better known as “Cool Cat Teacher,” is a popular edtech blogger. Here she shares some of her favorite tools and ideas for using tech in the classroom.
  5. Regina Hartley, Ed Tech: Library media specialist Regina Hartley offers up some amazing pins on edtech through this board, including some very useful infographics.