The 10 Best Sites for Hurricane Sandy Photos

I’m hoping everyone is safe and well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I live in Manhattan and half of New York City is still without power today. Thankfully my cable, Internet, and cell phone service was restored last night. In light of what’s been happening, I thought I’d compile a list of the best places to see what the storm brought with it. Here are some of the best places on the Web to see photos of Hurricane Sandy’s effects:

  1. Instagram

    Instagram users have been sharing photos from the storm-at a rate of nearly 10 each second-with the hashtags #hurricanesandy, #sandy and #frankenstorm. There are now hundreds of thousands of user photos of Hurricane Sandy.

  3. The Atlantic

    The Atlantic has compiled 50 high quality images of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in both the US and the Carribbean.

  5. The Huffington Post

    The Huffington Post puts together over 100 photos of Hurricane Sandy such as this one of submerged cars at the entrance to a parking garage in the Financial District of Manhattan.

  7. has 57 fantastic images of the storm including this one of a rescue and evacuation of Little Ferry, N.J.

  9. The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Central has an excellent gallery of nearly 300 images of Hurricane Sandy such as this one of Seaside, NJ.

  11. The Denver Post

    The Denver Post gathers together 15 iconic images of Hurricane Sandy. These are all high-quality and hauntingly surreal.

  13. NY1

    News channel NY1 has a gallery of nearly 100 viewer photos of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation such as this one of the flooding at the 176th Street subway station in the Bronx.

  15. ABC News

    ABC News readers have shared their photos of the storm in this gallery of over 50 images such as this one of a Seaside Heights (NJ) amusement park.

  17. Buffy Andrews on Pinterest

    Buffy Andrews, Assistant Managing Editor, York Daily Record/Sunday News has a Pinterest Board with 90 pins of images of Hurricane Sandy.

  19. Snopes – Fake Hurricane Photos

    Snopes has put together a list of the 13 most circulated fake photos of Hurricane Sandy such as this image taken in 2010.