Technology Solutions Planning in Libraries: Part One – Develop the Project Plan

This is part of a series of posts which is based on a 3-hour hands-on workshop I offer on this topic. Be sure and check out the preceding post:

Technology Solutions Planning in Libraries: Overview


The Project Plan

The first step in any new project is to put together a plan with achievable goals. The breadth of your plan will depend on what type of new technology you’re looking to implement, so you should feel free to adjust this example plan as needed. However, this project plan should cover most new technology initiatives, and this series of posts will be going through each section of the plan individually.

  1. Establish a Planning Committee
  2. Gain Market Intelligence
    1. Vet Solutions/Vendors
    2. Research the Market
    3. Read Case Studies
  3. Requirements Gathering
    1. Create Library Profile
    2. Develop Use Cases
    3. Business Requirements
    4. Functional Requirements
    5. Technical Requirements
  4. Evaluate Solutions
    1. Test Online Demos
    2. Research Solution/Vendor Viability
    3. Check References
    4. Create “Short List”
  5. Create RFP
    1. Refine Requirements
    2. Write & Distribute RFP to Top Vendors
  6. Select Solution
    1. Analyze RFP Responses
    2. Conduct Interviews/Demos of Top 2 Solutions
    3. Make Final Selection
  7. Negotiate Contract
    1. Make Contract Recommendations
  8. Draft Budget
    1. Include Hardware, Data Conversion, etc.


Download this project plan here: project_plan


Create a Timeline

Once you have outlined your plan, you can create a timeline with dates of individual goals and their deadlines. This will help you keep on track and motivated to move forward. Timelines such as this one can be created using software programs such as MS Project or OpenProj.


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