Social Media Marketing Industry Report


Author Michael A. Stelzner has published the Social Media Marketing Industry Report: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses. The report, based on responses from nearly 900 marketers, is available for free, here’s a sampling of the findings:

  • Marketers are mostly new to social media: A significant 88% of marketers
    surveyed are using social media to market their businesses, BUT 72% have only
    been doing so for a few months or less.
  • How much time does this take? A significant 64% of marketers are using social
    media for 5 hours or more each week and 39% for 10 or more hours weekly.
  • The top benefit of social media marketing: The number-one advantage is
    generating exposure for the business, indicated 81% of all marketers, followed
    by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships.
  • The top social media tools: Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook were the top
    four social media tools used by marketers, in that order.
  • Social media tools marketers most want to learn about: Social bookmarking
    sites were ranked of highest interest, followed closely by Twitter.