Six biggest library annoyances and how to fix them

Doug Johnson at the Blue Skunk Blog writes about the Six biggest library annoyances and how to fix them. These are all good points about challenges that many libraries face, and their patrons with them. I would say my biggest annoyance when I’m in a new library is the lack of good signage. Unfortunately this happens a lot. We do so much to increase the usability of our websites, portals, and online databases, but we sometimes forget that the physical space of the library can be equally challenging for people to navigate. And many people – myself included – want a DIY (do-it-yourself) experience in the library, we don’t want to have to find someone to ask where a book is we’re looking for. Here are the annoyances discussed in the article:

  1. Unfriendly/unhelpful librarian
  2. Book fines
  3. Computers “for school use only” policies
  4. Material checkout restricted by age or reading ability
  5. Poorly weeded collections
  6. Excuses

What are your biggest library annoyances?