Recording studio in your library!

The first Recording Studio in a public library “anywhere in the universe” is proudly promoted at Palmerston North City Library. For only $5 an hour, you are able to book the recording room and use the iMac

  • which is loaded with ProTools and Garageband
  • has a 4-way headphone amplifier
  • and a very cool MIDI controller keyboard. This means you can mix tracks you’ve recorded elsewhere, or record your own tracks in The Library.

There are academic libraries around with similar facilities. For example, there is a great media centre at Earl Gregg Swemm Library. With a full-time staff, loanable production equipment, and the Media Studios’ array of industry-standard software, The Media Centre is capable of supporting a wide range of multimedia projects from production, post-production to digital/analog distribution.

These are nice models that can work for all sectors of library services. School libraries are great places to set up facilities like this, and integrate particularly well with media delivery systems such as Clickview for storing and distributing student media work developed in the library studio.