QR Codes Extend Library Programming

Tim Blevins, manager of special collections for the Pikes Peak (Colo.) Library District, writes for American Libraries about how QR Codes Extend Library Programming. The PPLD recently ran a QR code campaign to promote a documentary titled Frozen to Death on Pikes Peak: A Cold Case Investigation that was created by the library.

“You receive a postcard in the mail from Colorado Springs. It says, “Wish you were here.” You look at it more carefully and notice the photograph is of a dead man. No, wait! A dead man—and a dead woman. The caption reads, “Frozen to death on Pikes Peak, August 21, 1911.” Really? Two people freezing to death in the middle of summer?

The macabre postcard depicting Willis and Sallie Skinner, prostrate among some rocks and covered by snow, is in fact an invitation to a film premiere from Pikes Peak (Colo.) Library District. The library produced the 30-minute Frozen to Death on Pikes Peak: A Cold Case Investigation in its Video Production Center and hosted the premiere on the 100th anniversary, August 21, 2011. The invitation also contained a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone with the installed code-reader app, connected a user to a film trailer promoting the event.”