Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change

Tom Haymes, Director of Technology and Instructional Computing at Houston Community College Northwest, outlines a Three-E Strategy for Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change in the latest issue of Educause Quarterly. According to Haymes, the successful adoption of any new technology is rooted in its ability to fulfill three criteria for the user including making its potential evident, being sufficiently easy to use, and essential to the user’s life.

“The dirty little secret of technology in education is that a lot of it doesn’t get used effectively—or at all. As technologists, many of us find it hard to understand why. We constantly search for new ways to employ technology in the service of teaching and research. Most users, however, be they faculty, staff, or students, do not approach technology the same way we do. According to a 2007 Pew/Internet study, 49 percent of Americans only occasionally use information and communication technology. Of the remaining 51 percent, only 8 percent are what Pew calls omnivores, “deep users of the participatory Web and mobile applications.””