Organizing eBooks


Michelle Kraft writes about Organizing eBooks at the Krafty Librarian. This is an excellent article about how we should be organizing eBooks for discoverability by our patrons, rather than librarians.

“Unfortunately we learned that we were thinking too much like a librarian when we tried to direct people to our ebooks. What do I mean by this? If you aren’t a cataloger think back to library school cataloging, and if you are a cataloger I appologize for my crude cataloging example. We librarians have been ingrained to provide as many discover points to a resource that we can. When we catalog a book we do it to the exact specific subjects (thus making a general subject search difficult) and we add all sorts of added titles, authors, subjects, etc. to make it more findable. The idea is sound for cataloging, but it is VERY bad for web design and discoverability. “