October Library Conference Roundup: 25 Stellar Presentations

There were some amazing library conferences last month. And those of us who weren’t able to make it to all of them can still benefit from the innovative ideas and discussions that were presented by accessing the conference papers, slideshow presentations, and videos online. Here’s a roundup of some particularly interesting and informative presentations:

    Technology Developments and Trends

  1. What’s on the Technology Horizon? Brian Kelly, UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, UK. [Paper], [PPT]
  2. A Librarian’s Field Guide to Near Field Communication. Sheli McHugh and Kristen Yarmey, University of Scranton. [PPT]
  3. Mobilizing the Stacks: QR Codes in Action, Danielle Kane, University of California, Irvine [PPT]
  4. QR Codes in Action, Alison Steinberg Gurganus, San Diego Mesa College [PPT]
  5. QR Codes in Action at Montana State University. Jason Clark, Tim Donahue [PPT]
  6. Web Services: Libraries in the Cloud. Andrew K. Pace, OCLC, Larry Haight, Simpson University. [PPT]
  7. Building a ThinkTank @ Your Library. Jason Clark, Montana State University Library. [PPT]
  8. Library Websites

  9. Developing a Mobile Website for Your Library. Joel Shields, Washington Research Library Consortium. [Paper] [PPT]
  10. Library Marketing

  11. Marketing Library Resources. Beatrice Pulliam, Providence College, Jenifer Bond, Bryant University. [Slideshare] [PPT]
  12. Discovery-to-delivery: marketing library e-resources at the point of need. Tod Colegrove, DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library University of Nevada. [Paper] [PPT]
  13. Search

  14. Phil’s Latest Discoveries. Phil Bradley. [PPT]
  15. Searching without Google. Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services. [PPT]
  16. Super Spectacular Searcher Secrets. Mary Ellen Bates, BatesInfo.com
  17. Search Discovery Tools: A Blunt Update. Greg R. Notess. [PPT]
  18. User Experience (UX)

  19. Building a Single User Experience. Nina McHale, University of Colorado Denver, Rachel Vacek, University of Houston, Jason Battles, University of Alabama. [PPT]
  20. Tools for Improving UX: Google Apps at Albertsons Library. Amy Vecchione, Boise State University. [PPT]
  21. E-books & E-Collections

  22. Publishing Trends Underlying the E-Book Revolution. Kate Worlock, Outsell, Inc. [PPT]
  23. E-Reader Circulation at the Princeton University Library. Jennifer Baxmeyer and Trevor A. Dawes, Princeton University. [PPT]
  24. E-Collections: Access via Mobile Platforms. Elena Maslyukova, World Bank Group Library. [PPT]
  25. Ebooks: Putting the Issues on the Table. Amy Affelt. [PPT]
  26. Check out an e-reader: eBook Research & Experiments. Amy Calhoun, Sacramento Public Library. [PPT]
  27. Collaborative Information Seeking

  28. Collaborative Information Seeking. Meloche, J. & Dalton, S.[Paper] [PPT]
  29. Designing for Collaboration in Information Seeking. Golovchinsky, G., Driye, A., & Pickens, J. [Paper] [PPT]
  30. Collecting and Assessing Collaborative Requirements. Hansen, P. Granato, G.L., & Santucci, G. [Paper] [PPT]
  31. A Method to Evaluate the Synergic Effect in Collaborative Information Seeking. González-Ibáñez, R., Shah, C., & Haseki, M. [Paper] [PPT]

And for even more stellar presentations and papers, be sure and check out these conference websites: