"Narrate, Curate, Share:" How Blogging Can Catalyze Learning

W. Gardner Campbell, Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives in the Division of Learning Technologies at Virginia Tech shares his advice to ‘Narrate, Curate, Share’: How Blogging Can Catalyze Learning on the Campus Technology blog. This is a thought-provoking article which addresses many of the questions potential bloggers have about the medium.

“As I talk at colleges and universities across the country about the blogging initiatives I’ve led at the University of Mary Washington, Baylor University, and now at Virginia Tech, my audiences consistently ask about several issues. FERPA is one. Grading is another. But the fundamental questions have to do with the nature and value of the activity itself. What is blogging? Is it like an online journal? If so, how is a public journal of academic value? Should I give my students prompts? Will they think this is merely busy work? Should their blogs be about work done in specific classes, work done in several classes, work done outside of class, or all of the above?”

via Meredith