More Libraries and Librarians in Horror Movies

This is the second installment in the Libraries and Librarians in Horror Movies series.  Here are 5 more terror-ific films featuring bookish people and settings!


1) The Church (1989)


This ’80′s Italian horror flick features a cataloger named Evan who has been hired to organize the book collection in a gothic cathedral but instead unleashes an ancient evil.  The librarian is possessed by a demon and becomes a monster.


2) Stephen King’s It


Mike Hanlon is the town librarian in Derry, Maine which is terrorized by a murderous clown called “It” every 30 years.  Being a librarian, Mike keeps detailed historical records which help his group of childhood friends who call themselves “The Loser Club” as they gather together once more to battle the demon.  This one was originally a TV mini-series and was surprisingly terrifiying!


3) Wilderness

Alice White is a mid-thirties academic librarian with a secret…she turns into a wolf with each full moon.  This atmospheric werewolf flick originally aired as a UK mini-series, but was edited and re-released in the US as a single film.


4) All About Evil

Deborah Tennis is an unassuming librarian who inherits a nearly-bankrupt old movie theater from her father.  In order to save the family business, Deborah turns to murder.  She starts producing a series of short films about her grisly acts which become wildly popular and catapult her to local celebrity status.


5) The Off-Season (2004)


Kathryn is a library assistant in the town’s public library who checks into a haunted hotel room during the off season.  Soon she and her boyfriend Rick are plagued by ghosts of previously murdered guests.

Bonus Flick: The Mummy


The 1999 version of The Mummy was more of an action-adventure film than a horror movie, but it definitely had its scary moments.  Rachel Weisz plays the film’s heroine, the studious yet adventuresome librarian Evy Carnahan who joins an expedition to find the ancient city of Hamunaptra where they inadvertantly awaken a Mummy.