Mobile Tech and Libraries – 8 Great Presentations

I was thrilled to give a keynote presentation at the International M-Libraries Conference 2012 last week in Milton Keynes, England. The event was absolutely fantastic, and the speakers were outstanding. Here are just some of the amazing presentations on mobile and libraries:

  1. Reexamining library mobility: The analog to your digital. – Char Booth

  2. The Power of Mobile to Educate, Support and Engage – Steve Vosloo

  3. Cross platform mobile development – Peter Friese
  4. M libraries on the hype cycle: where are we? – Jo Alcock

  5. Arming rovers (with iPads) and other stabs at mobile provision – Georgina Parsons

  6. Widening access & stimulating innovation: opening up NHS information for creative mobile applications – Bob Gann

  7. Making sure to remember what we already know – ensuring e-reading innovation works – Anne Hewling

  8. Cardiff University – John Greenaway

…and for those of you who haven’t seen my presentation, here it is:

Libraries to Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries

See even more here!!