35 Library Stories You May Have Missed in July

This summer has been fantastic for library news, blogs posts, and articles. If you’re just getting caught up, here’s a list of library-related stories that will keep you busy!




  1. 30 Things Librarians Love – I love this one, it reminds me of the post that I put together in November titled: 5 Annoying Things You Have Every Right to Do Because You’re a Librarian.
  2. Creating Game-Based Makerspaces
  3. Today’s Computer Commons is Tomorrow’s Card Catalog
  4. 15 Gorgeous Photos Of The Old Cincinnati Library
  5. To Be Or Not To Be A Library Director
  6. Hoopla wants to be a free Netflix for library users
  7. Few students likely to use print books for research
  8. Image, Public Perception, and Lego Librarians
  9. Another Perspective on Library-Press “Partnerships”
  10. Libraries & Privacy in the Internet Age
  11. Launch of DCPL’s Digital Commons opens doors to cutting-edge technology
  12. Amazon vs. your public library
  13. Book Recommendation Engines Compared
  14. The ‘Other’ E-Book Pricing Problem
  15. 50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit
  16. 12 Tales of Book Thievery
  17. The meandering library table
  18. Libraries Partner with Local Airports
  19. Advice on Being a Solo Library Technologist
  20. Introducing Library CMS. A Drupal CMS Built For Librarians
  21. Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Libraries
  22. The Librarian Shortage Myth & Blaming Library School
  23. A Quick Guide to Green Libraries
  24. 15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos
  25. 10 Great Slidedecks from SLA 2013
  26. 5 Awesome Librarian Business Cards
  27. 42 Library Stories You May Have Missed in June
  28. 62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries
  29. How Book Covers Have to Evolve in the Digital Age
  30. 25 Most Popular Apps Used By Librarians
  31. 40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach
  32. Libraries Partner with Local Airports
  33. 500+ ebooks for school librarians to read, review
  34. Big Six eBooks in libraries, a comparison chart
  35. Can Libraries Survive the E-Book Revolution?