50 Library Stories You May Have Missed in August

Librarians and news outlets have been busy this summer, providing plenty of news-worthy articles and blog posts of interest to libraries.  Here are 50 such stories that will get you caught up on the latest in the library world.

  1. 30 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education [and Libraries] By 2028
  2. 10 Futuristic Libraries
  3. E-Books Strain Relations Between Libraries, Publishing Houses
  4. 10 Golden Rules To Take Your Library’s Twitter Account to the Next Level
  5. Library Card Mosaic
  6. 35 Powerful Cloud Tools for Modern Librarians
  7. Value of Libraries Megapost
  8. The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers
  9. Rethinking What We Do: Library Cards
  10. Do-It-Yourself GIS: 20 Free Tools & Data Sources for Creating Data Maps
  11. Making STEM Programs Work In The Library
  12. How to Land a Library Job
  13. Order in the Library
  14. Mind your O’s and 0′s : adventures in shelf-reading
  15. The future of libraries
  16. 15 Books Banned For The Most Absurd Reasons Ever
  17. How Psy Lent His Cool to Books in Korea
  18. Why writers should stand up for libraries
  19. A guide to audiobooks for youth
  20. The Whole Library Approach: Every staffer should be capable of serving every patron
  21. New director, young guns guiding Chattanooga’s library system through a renaissance
  22. Internet Search Engines Drove US Librarians to Redefine Themselves
  23. Things Law Librarian Bloggers Should Write About
  24. Top Ten IFTTT Recipes for Librarians
  25. A Rational Framework for Library eBook Licensing
  26. Analysis of Current Digital Preservation Policies: Archives, Libraries and Museums
  27. Library and Repository Communities Join Together to Identify New Competencies for Academic Librarians
  28. International Librarians Network
  29. The New Explosion in Audio Books
  30. Guns, Porn, and Library Makerspaces
  31. 68 Essential Resources for eBooks in libraries
  32. Programming to the Core: 10 innovative library programs
  33. How we made a (pretty nice) virtual Library Tour video for almost no money
  34. 8 tips and tricks to get the most of Project Gutenberg/
  35. New Infographic: Good News in Fair Use for Libraries
  36. Report: Library Value in the Developing World
  37. NYPL Sets Up Photobooths For Library Selfies
  38. Alternative programming ideas with alt+library
  39. 35 Library Stories You May Have Missed in July
  40. Promoting new titles with Pinterest
  41. Good for what? Considering context in building learning objects.
  42. Mega Summer Reading List of 23,000 Post-Apocalyptic, Plague, and Pandemic Books
  43. Best Library History Websites and Blogs
  44. The Library in Lego Form
  45. Moms Demand Action says ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ has been banned, but assault weapons haven’t
  46. Smithsonian offers an e-book to detail its digitization efforts
  47. Practicing Freedom in the Digital Library
  48. 15 Fabulous Bookish Pinterest Boards
  49. Wikipedia Loves Libraries
  50. The Public Library as Your Community’s Digital Bridge