Librar-ify Your iGoogle Start Page


Got an iGoogle start page? Want to see a different library pic everytime you load it up? There’s a new Google Gadget that you can add to your page which will let you do just that. It’s the Custom iGoogle Skins by Bonstio which will allow you to not only choose from many of the provided themes to spice up your page, but will let you import a random image from any Flickr group which will change each time you refresh the page.


Here’s how it works:

  • Follow the link above or Select “Add Stuff” at the top right of your iGoogle page and search for Custom iGoogle Skins.
  • Choose “Add it Now” to add it to your page.
  • Once you add the gadget to your page, you’ll want to expand it so you can select a theme (click the + sign).
  • Go to the “Rules” tab and select “Feeling Lucky?” from the drop-down list and click the plus sign next to it to add this new rule.
  • At this point you have added the theme, but it’s pulling in images from the HDR Panorama group, so you’ll want to change that.
  • Up at the top of the gadget, click the upside-down triangle and select “Edit Settings”. The sixth option down will give you the opportunity to change the Flickr group id, this is where you will enter the number for any Flickr group.
  • Finding the Flickr group ID number is a bit tricky so I’ve provided some for you below, but if you hover your mouse over the “Join this Group” or “Invite” links when in any Flickr group, you will see a number at the end of a URL (after “id=”) appear down in your status bar – that’s the number you need.

Flickr Groups:


Inspired by Web Worker Daily