Law Librarianship in the Digital Age

I’ve got great news, my book Law Librarianship in the Digital Age has been published by Scarecrow Press! I came into the office today to see a copy waiting for me at my desk!!


The book is made up of chapters contributed by a group of incredibly talented and forward-thinking librarians. Here’s the Table of Contents:

List of Figures
List of Tables
Foreword – Jean O’Grady
Preface – Ellyssa Kroski

Part I. Major Introductory Concepts
1 Law Librarianship 2.0 – Jennifer Wertkin
2. Embedded Librarianship – Thomas J. Striepe and Mary Talley
3. Copyright in the Digital Age – Kyle K. Courtney
4. Open Access to Legal Scholarship – Cheryl Kelly Fischer and Vicki Steiner
5. User Services Analysis for Decision Making – Kim Clarke
6. Law Library Management – Camille Broussard, Ralph Monaco, and Gitelle Seer

Part II. Technologies
7. Digitization – Michelle M. Wu
8. E-books in Law Libraries – Ellyssa Kroski
9. Tablets and Mobile Device Management – William R. Mills
10. The Law Library Website – Andrew Plumb-Larrick
11. Web-Scale Discovery and Federated Search – Valeri Craigle
12. The Cloud – Roger Vicarius Skalbeck
13. Social Software – Marcia L. Dority Baker

Part III. Reference Services
14. Reference Services in a Law Library – Carol A. Watson
15. Introduction to Legal Research – Rhea Ballard-Thrower
16. Online Information Sources – Sarah K. C. Mauldin
17. Major Legal Databases and How to Search Them – Theodora Belniak

Part IV. Instruction
18. Library Instruction in the Information Age – Emily Janoski-Haehlen
19. Educational Technologies – Kim Clarke and Nadine R. Hoffman

Part V. Technical Services
20. Technical Services 2.0 – Edward T. Hart
21. Collection Development – Molly (Mary) E. Brownfield
22. Electronic Resources Management and User Authentication – Catherine M. Monte

Part VI. Knowledge Management
23. Knowledge Management – Steven A. Lastres and Don MacLeod
24. The Law Library Intranet – Emily R. Florio and Michael J. Robak

Part VII. Marketing
25. Digital Age Marketing – Carol Ottolenghi
26. Competitive Intelligence – Jennifer Alexander and M. T. Hennessey

Part VIII. Professional Development and the Future
27. Professional Development – Holly M. Riccio
28. The Future of Law Librarianship – Scott D. Bailey and Julie Graves Krishnaswami

List of Contributing Authors
Editorial Board List