Interactive Timeline Visualizations in Action

Every semester in my Information Sources and Services (Intro to Reference librarianship) class, I ask students to access yearbooks, almanacs, and encyclopedias to put together a timeline of the history of the city of Slonim. I usually have them compile their findings into a narrative format resulting in a 2-3 page paper. Instead, this year I demonstrated how to use some of the interactive timeline applications that I’ve written about here on iLibrarian and they exceeded my expectations, creating stellar interactive timelines from a variety of sources and formats including video files, images, historical maps, and narrative. Here are just a few examples representative of the student’s work:

Claudio Leon’s timeline using Dipity:
slonim_dipityClick image to enter timeline.


Samantha D’Acunto’s timeline using Capzules
slonim_capzulesClick image to enter timeline.


Alexandra Provo’s Timeline Using TimelineJS