Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for reading iLibrarian in 2007, and Happy 2008! Last year was an eventful one for the biblioblogosphere.

We were introduced to the outspoken Annoyed Librarian, surveyed library OPACs worldwide and endured the mudflap girl controversy. We saw the first library Facebook Flyers, questioned the utility of library literature, and were given 2.0 librarians.
Librarians were asked why they blogged and academics debated whether they should or shouldn’t at all. Meanwhile the entire biblioblogosphere was surveyed and analyzed.

In 2007 we discussed what library 2.0 is and isn’t, built Facebook Applications, and learned how to make time to keep up. We were schooled in “unsucking” online education…twice. We entered a new world of librarianship, took a hard look at libraries and the user experience, and developed basic 2.0 competencies. We were given twenty good reasons why learning about emerging tech is part of our job and offered advice about negotiating speaking engagements. Librarians looked at the salary gap, published manifestos, mashed up the library, and much much more. In all, it was an exciting year, here’s to making 2008 just as eventful and innovative!