Five Compelling Reasons You’ll Want to Claim Authorship on Google+

googleplus_followers2Did you know that you can claim yourself as an author of a blog, column or other website content on Google+? In addition to crediting you within the Google+ social network, Google+ Authorship offers an array of unique benefits within Google search results. Here are five of those benefits, each one a compelling reason to claim your content asap!

1.) Google Will Display Your Photo Next to Results

If you’ve gone through the process to claim authorship on Google+, the Google search engine will display your Google+ photo next to every article or blog post you’ve written making search results not only more personal and but also makes them stand out more. It is speculated that these results with photos next to them get higher click-through rates than those without.


2. Your Author Name Will Lead to More Results

Right underneath each article or blog post that you’ve written, Google will display your full author name which searchers can click into for more results of works written by you.

3. Searchers Can Instantly Add You To Their Circles

googleplus_add_authorWhen searchers limit their results to your author name, your Google+ info gets displayed on the right side of the search results. Searchers can instantly add you to their circles from the serach results page.

4. Your Authority Will Be Displayed

With each article that you write, Google will display the number of circles that you’re in within Google+, displaying your authority to searchers.

5. You Can Get Authorship Analytics

googleplus_analyticsOnce you’re an author you can also get a Google Webmaster Tools account. Once you’re signed in, click on Labs in the left navigation to reveal the link to Author Stats. This will give you statistics on clicks and click-through rates for all of your posts.

googleplus_authorshipHow do you claim authorship on Google+? There are two easy ways, one is to put a snippet of code within your website or blog linking your content to your Google+ profile, or by having an email address at the same domain as your content and including that email on your Google+ profile. Either way, you’ll also need to add your website/blog to your Google+ profile in the ‘Contributor To’ section. For in-depth instructions for claiming authorship, see the Google Authorship page here.