Enhanced e-Books

A.C. writes for The Economist’s Prospero blog about Enhanced e-books:Truly moving literature. This is a great article about the latest publishing trend to create enhanced digital editions of e-books which may included added content such as videos, images, pop up biographies, linked glossary entries, etc.

“Yet for certain kinds of book, such as biographies, cookbooks, literary classics and newer forms of interactive fiction, enhancement can add rich and startling new layers. Penguin’s forthcoming biography of Malcolm X, for instance, features rare archival footage and an interactive map of Harlem. The life of “Muhammad Ali” now comes with audio clips of him rapping about his prowess. Richard Dawkins’s “The Magic of Reality” (voted best app at the 2012 Digital Book World) and E.O. Wilson’s “Life on Earth”, are cunning fusions of documentary and textbook, with molecules and stories spinning at a finger’s touch.”