Education 2.0

Wired News ran a five-part series of articles this week spotlighting the best in Educational tools for the digital age. Here’s a run-down of what they covered:

Education 2.0: The Essential Student Gear Guide

This article covered the top 6 gadgets every college student needs including a lightweight Toshiba laptop, GE digital camera, WiFi-enabled Blackberry, Olympus Voice Recorder (for recording lectures for playback), a remarkable solar-powered messenger bag which recharges your electronic devices while still looking sporty, and an external monitor for watching movies.

Education 2.0: The College Student’s Guide to File Sharing
This article summarizes the major peer-to-peer file sharing networks available such as BitTorrent, Direct Connect, hosting services like RapidShare , Megaupload, and Sendspace.

Education 2.0: The Best Social Networks for Students
Wired gives its top picks of today’s social networks and presents the advantages and disadvantages of each including Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, and Craigslist.

Education 2.0: Prepare for a Career That Works
Wired talks about what students can do while in college to prepare them for some of today’s fastest-growing career paths including such jobs as an Ophthalmologist, Medical Assistant, IT Project Manager, Blogger, Solo Practitioner Lawyer, and Entrepreneur.

Education 2.0: Top Online Learning Resources
Wired News presents their favorite K-12 educational resources on the Web from math and video tutorials to best in robotics.