eBooks in Libraries 2012 Mega Post

I’ve been gathering together all of my articles and recent blog posts on the topic of eBooks in libraries for an upcoming presentation and I thought this collection of links might be useful for others as well. Here are 28 resources on the topic of eBooks and libraries:

  1. 50 Surprising Ways To Use Your Amazon Kindle
  2. Organizing eBooks
  3. Libraries, Patrons, and e-Books
  4. Ebooks Choices and the Soul of Librarianship
  5. e-Book Options for Libraries
  6. JISC Study on the Challenge of e-Books in Academic Institutions
  7. Navigating the Ebook Revolution
  8. Library Patrons Want E-Books Over Every Other Downloadable Media
  9. Implementing eBooks in a Circulating Law Library
  10. The Real Truth about Ebook Purchasing
  11. Calling Timeout on Library eBook Integration
  12. How To Compare e-Book Platforms – iLibrarian Series
  13. Do E-Reader Owners Read More Books? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  14. 4 Ways to Purchase e-Books for Your Library
  15. Evaluating e-Books in Law Libraries
  16. Ebooks 101: DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  17. Should Libraries Get Out of the eBook Business?
  18. 10 Kindle Cases That Look Like Books
  19. The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Platform
  20. 10 Pinterest Boards For eBook Fans
  21. Free eBook: Six Circles – An Experience Design Framework
  22. So you want to start a Kindle lending program
  23. E-Books and Libraries: 25 Resources
  24. e-Books and School Libraries
  25. Threats to Digital Lending
  26. e-Book Formats and Devices Infographic
  27. How to Talk to Your Patrons About Penguin & Other Publishers Not Loaning eBooks to Libraries