Do You Need to Keep Up With Facebook's Privacy Changes?

Jill Duffy at PC Magazine asks: Do You Need to Keep Up With Facebook’s Privacy Changes? This is an excellent article discussing the issues involved with Facebook’s continual changes to their privacy settings. This is always a struggle for me and many others, to balance both the personal and professional on Facebook since the rules keep changing. I’ve decided to keep my profile professional since I’ve had privacy settings fail on me in the past (or a new change was put in place), and posts were made visible to groups they were originally hidden from. What are your thoughts on this issue? Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Anytime Facebook makes changes to its Privacy Settings, as it did once again on Wednesday, a number of users panic. An equal number of users berate the panickers for panicking, and many more don’t even realize anything changed.

Do Facebook’s privacy policies matter? Are you better off among the oblivious? Do you need to keep up with Facebook’s privacy changes? It seems simple enough. If you’re someone who panics, quit the site and delete your account, right? But getting rid of Facebook isn’t such a simple proposition, nor is ignoring its ever-shifting privacy policies.”