Create Your own Personal Knowledge Base

Fall is right around the corner, and for many of us that means that life starts to get hectic. One of the ways that I keep everything organized is through a private knowledge base that I created using PBWorks a few years ago. It’s a free cloud-based wiki application which lets you create both private and public wikis. I use PBWorks’ public wikis to teach my workshops, and I use a private one as a brainstorming center, a place to keep important documents, and an easy way to archive past research.

The fact is that I’m usually not at home when a great idea for a blog post, a conference proposal, or a new workshop hits me. But if I can get online, I can jot it down in my personal Brainstorming wiki. Here I can also work on my LIS course outlines, create and edit class reading lists, record article and project ideas, create to-do lists, come up with vacation ideas, and even keep track of time I’ve taken off of work.

Here’s a snapshot of my Brainstorming Wiki:


I use my main menu for my most recent ideas and brainstorming, while I use the sidebar menu as an access point to archived, older ideas and notions as it’s often helpful to look at ideas I’ve had in the past for inspiration. I’ve also found the wiki to be a useful place to store professional documents and images I might need to use often such as my C.V., bio, and professional image.